On February 15th, 2002, Falun Gong practitioners distributed VCDs and other truth-clarifying materials to Chinese people who attended a New Year's celebration in Oslo, where Chinese locals gave different musical and dance performances and showed a Chinese Film.

Around 150-200 Chinese people attended the party. The practitioners distributed the VCDs before the event and as people were leaving. Some of the people who had earlier received a VCD were given other truth-clarifying materials as they departed. The reactions of the people were quite different: some really appreciated getting them (one woman was very excited when she heard that this was Falun Gong - she told us that she had been wanting to know more about it for a long time), some showed us their displeasure (one woman yelled angrily at her elderly mother, "That is Falun Gong, do you know that? Falun Gong!" But the elderly woman completely ignored the yelling of her daughter and pressed the little truth-clarifying booklet tightly against her chest); the majority was indifferent. One woman really wanted our VCD, but personnel from the embassy prevented her from getting it by coming between us. Therefore she went around some cars and left the embassy personnel behind her, and then she was suddenly free to receive our VCD without them noticing it. When she got theáVCD she winked and smiled gleefully at us. She had outsmarted the people who wanted her not to get it, and she knew it. She put theáVCD in the trunk of her car and left with her husband.