(Clearwisdom.net) Due to the chief evil Jiang's fear of the color yellow, the German police were pressured to be on "state of emergency" alert during his visit. Still, he had to avoid main roads and took small detour routes. All this proved that the presence of Dafa practitioners and the effect of righteous thoughts made Jiang tremble with fear. He is mentally hanging by a thread, yet the evil forces are going all out to protect him.

What reflected in this human world was a great number of police cleared the way for him, and an ambulance followed their escort vehicles. He was even presented with the gift of an ambulance by the Wolfsburg Volkswagen Automobile Works when he signed the extension of the economic contract with the company on behalf of the Shanghai Volkswagen Automobile Works.

"For where is the evil there is dark, dense haze." ("Cleaning Out") Wherever Jiang went in Germany, it was covered with dark clouds. The wind was piercing cold to the bones, and there was a perceptible concentration of evil. The evil beings also prepared the public for his visit. Two days before he arrived in Germany, every train station in Germany put up advertisements showing three toads. The caption across the top read "Look up." Two toads are standing on each side, their half-turned heads looking upwards. A white-bellied, big toad appeared in the middle, with a crown on his head. The bottom caption read "The big one is coming out." Nothing could describe the situation better than this advertisement--the demon toad is about to come out and his right-hand assistants are preparing the public for the event.

I think one of the reasons why Jiang is still able to hang by a thread is that there is soil here that nurtures his existence. Jiang has been doing business deals with big companies in the West with the money earned by the Chinese people's sweat and toil. At the same time he is trying to create a false image of prosperity to deceive Western companies into giving aid and support to his autocratic rule that persecutes its own people.

As German Dafa practitioners, we should realize the important mission that history has bestowed upon us. In order to break the arrangements of the old forces and eliminate the evil, we should follow the arrangements of Master to study the Fa, send forth righteous thoughts and clarify the truth. Jiang's visit to Germany created an opportunity for us, because more media in Germany are now laughing at Jiang, condemning him and telling the true story of Falun Gong. Master said in the Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A, "When you have all the people of the world, and all the people of China, see this evil drama for what it is, could the evil still have any effect?" If Dafa practitioners in Germany help all the German people learn the truth, then would the chief evil dare to come to Germany again?