(Clearwisdom.net) Since July 20, 1999, the "610 Office" (an agency specifically created to persecuteFalun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) of Xingtang County, Hebei Province, has been undertaking ceaseless persecution against Falun Gong practitioners in Hebei Province. They have ransacked practitioners' homes and confiscated and destroyed the books of Falun Gong. They have been illegally arresting, torturing, and detaining practitioners. Under the power of the "610 Office," one Dafa practitioner was illegally sentenced to 5 years in a labor camp, while another was illegally sentenced to 3 years in a labor camp; a large number of Falun Dafa practitioners have been illegally detained. To carry out Jiang clique's policy of "ruining them financially, damaging their reputations, and destroying them physically," they imposed huge fines on Falun Gong practitioners and the total amount has been as high as hundreds of thousands of Yuan. Before the Spring Festival of this year, more than 20 practitioners were kidnapped and sent to forced brainwashing class. Some of them were taken to the so-called Law Education Center in the capital of the province, some of them were detained in the fifth team of the labor camp situated in the capital of Hebei Province, and some of them were sent to the county brainwashing center. Each persecuted practitioner had 3,000 to 8,000 Yuan extorted from them. The most vicious crimes committed by the police of Xingtang County Detention Center were those against practitioners of other areas who had been detained in the county. They were tortured especially brutally and many inhumane methods were used. The police guards even electrically-shocked a teacher from Xinjiang Province by binding two wires of a hand telephone onto her nipples. After studying the Fa intensively after the Spring Festival, except for 1 or 2 persons, all those who were forced to give up cultivation in the brainwashing class have awakened and published "Solemn Statements" to declare the brainwashing invalid. The brainwashing efforts in the county have, therefore, been a complete failure.

From the end of this March, the "610 Office" started to re-exam the practitioners who were once forced to give up cultivation. They will arrest the person immediately if he or she expresses he will continue to cultivate Falun Gong. On April 3 of this year, the practitioners Shao Xiaoshe, Li Suying, and Fan Ruihai, were deceived by the excuse the police wanted to have a routine talk and were kidnapped. These practitioners were taken to the fifth team of the Shijiazhuang Labor Camp. Practitioner Ma Jintong was forced to leave home and has to live on the street to avoid further persecution.

The practitioners kidnapped so far include Yang Rongmei, Liu Xiuying, Pei Chunliu, and her sister-in-law. Yang was sentenced to five years, and now she has been indicted and is being imprisoned in Xingtang Detention Center. Liu went to Beijing to validate the Fa at the end of the last year. After she shouted, "Falun Dafa is Good" on Tiananmen Square and went back to hotel, she was arrested for not carrying personal ID, and detained in the local detention center. Pei and her sister-in-law were kidnapped from home before the Spring Festival. Due to their determination, they were still being detained at the time of writing this article. All of them have been detained beyond the legal period. When the detention center reported this fact to the head of the police department, Yan Jianwei, he shirked responsibility on the excuse that he was waiting for the ratification of their labor camp sentence.

The following are the related criminals and their phone numbers:

"6.10 Office" 86-311-2982526

Ding Yinghui: the general secretary of the Party of the county. Phone (office) 86-311-2983001, Mobile phone: 86-311-13803218968.

Gao Hefu: the head of the county who is in charge of the persecution. Phone: 86-311-2983008 (office), 86-311-2980098 (home). Mobile: 86-311-13803366622.

Miao Zhuangjie: director of "610 Office," general secretary of politics & law committee. Phone: 86-311-2981097 (home).

Han Shuhui: vice-director of "610 Office" Phone: 86-311-2982995 (home).

Liu Chaoqin: a hired thug of "610 Office," the principal criminal in the persecution. He used to be a policeman in the politics and security section of the local police department. Because he was extremely active in the persecution, he was dispatched to the "610 Office." Phone: 86-311-2982001.

Yan Jianwei: head of the police department who is in charge of persecution. Phone: 86-311-2990412, 86-311-2983585. Mobile phone: 86-311-1380336618.

Lu Guofa: head of politics and security section of the police department. Phone: 86-311-2990470(office), 86-311-2985809(home). Mobile phone: 86-311-13930407637.

Huo Guanyu: policeman in the police department who tortured practitioners. Phone: 86-311-2985198. Mobile phone: 86-311-13933127990.

Liu Shanlin: policemen in the police department who tortured practitioners. Phone: 86-311-2991666, 2981855 (home).

The phone number of the Xingtang Detention Center: 86-311-2981316.

Hou Jianjun: warden in the detention center who tortured practitioners. Phone: 86-311-2983768.

Wen Xinyue: warden in the detention center who tortured practitioners from other areas. Pager: 86-311-126-1126195.

Wang Ruyi: warden in the detention center who tortured practitioners.