Les Verts

Paris, the 18th of April


Human Rights in China: The Green Party extends its support to Falun Gong

The Green Party condemns in the strongest manner the 3-years long odious and criminal repression of Falun Gong and its practitioners in China.

400 died from the state violence (torture, murders, drubbings), 50000 have been arrested; millions of people have their daily life troubled; such is the intolerable drama suffered by Falun Gong in China.

Yet, this is a peaceful and inoffensive organization, aiming at physical and moral well being, in full agreement with the philosophy traditions of China and Asia. Despite it's having no political objective, the growing popularity of Falun Gong has however attracted the furor of Jiang Zemin, the paranoid dictator who continues to reign on China in a sovereign terror, in spite of the will of democratization manifested here and there, at all levels of Chinese society.

After Tibetans, Uighers, Chinese democratic activists, Falun Gong now endures state terrorism from the bloodthirsty Jiang Zemin.

As for Tibetans, Uighers and democrats, Falun Gong practitioners can count on absolute solidarity from the Green Party and its members, in France as well as in Europe.

The Green Party asks the French government, as well as its European partners, to urgently intervene so that this repression ends, and so that the basic rights of human beings are respected. It is unacceptable to us that a hypocritical curtain is thrown on the realities of the Chinese regime for low commercial reasons and supposedly juicy contracts. As for the Green Party, never will money be considered a replacement value of human dignity!

For The Green Party,
Noel Mamere, candidate to the presidential election
Dominique Voynet, national secretary
Jean-Marc Brulé and Jean-Vincent Placé, presidents of the "Asia" Commission of the Green Party


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