(Clearwisdom.net) February 25 to March 8 were the Orientation Weeks and the first two weeks of the semester for the University of New South Wales, Australia (UNSW). Many students gathered on campus to participate in various activities, and all kinds of associations also gathered there. This became a good opportunity for us to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa. Several practitioners studying at UNSW also applied for a booth. People passed by our booth in an endless stream; among them, most were new students. Seeing these young and lively faces, from the bottom of our hearts, we wished more people would learn Falun Dafa. The truth-clarifying materials were handed out very quickly and we distributed nearly all the materials.

We put beautiful Dafa exercise photo display boards in front of the booth, as well as some photos exposing the tortures against benevolent Dafa practitioners by Jiang's regime in China. A westerner at the booth beside us came to see the photos and asked some questions. When he got to know the truth about Dafa, he even offered to hand out the truth-clarifying materials for us. Sometimes some people passed by our booth without accepting the materials, and when they passed by his booth, he would then strongly encourage these people to accept Dafa materials saying loudly, "Falun Gong, Falun Gong."

While we were handing out the materials, we saw a young man wearing a ring on his nose. Because of our everyday person's notion, we did not immediately give flyers to him. But surprisingly he took the initiative to come over to ask about Dafa and asked for the materials, and at last signed the petition to support Dafa. This made us realize that we should try our best to clarify the truth to everyone.

A western student had just come back from China and had heard the propaganda against Dafa by Jiang's regime in China. Returning home and seeing Dafa materials here, she was also very curious and did not expect to find Falun Gong practitioners at the university. After listening to our clarification, she realized the truth and asked for the materials and the schedule of practicing Dafa exercises and indicated that she would come to learn the exercises when she was free.

During the second week our site was transferred from the main road on the campus to the front of the library. Although the booth allocated to us was not at a prominent location, those people with predestined relationship with Dafa still came. Without blocking the walkway, we put photos from Journey of Falun Dafa in one row where people had to pass by. The photos attracted many people to stop by in front of the poster boards. We put the signature sheets next to a sign reading, "Please sign the petition" in front of the poster boards. Many people signed without our asking after looking at the photos.

Throughout the process of this activity we kept playing the Dafa music, Pudu and Jishi. The graceful, solemn and stirring rhythm presented people with endless benevolence. A young black man stopped and listened for a long time, and could not help but say, "This music is so graceful, where can I get it?" On the next day when we handed a CD of the music to him, he appreciated us very much and left with a smile of gratitude.

After we completed the activity on campus during the two weeks, we continued practicing Falun Dafa exercise in front of the library as usual. At noon of the following Monday, the small-scale practice site suddenly became lively and ten people unexpectedly came to join us, including four westerners who wanted to learn the gentle and graceful five sets of Falun Dafa exercises.