(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, I read an article written by a fellow practitioner that appeared on Clearwisdom.net on March 24, 2002. It was about his experience of meeting some fellow practitioners who were apathetic and could not diligently cultivate. I feel very concerned about this too, as there is such a practitioner who is close to me. Her situation is such that whenever I discuss with her the issues we encounter during the Fa-rectification process, she always seems indifferent, as if she is not even listening to what I am saying. Later, she will comment that she feels she has not done well and is not worthy of being called a Falun Dafa disciple, and she will seem to have lost all confidence in herself. No matter how much I've tried to encourage her, it does not seem to have any effect. I felt that something was very wrong. So, in my heart, I told our Teacher that I was determined to eliminate the evil controlling this fellow practitioner's mind.

Last night, I had a dream in which I went to the top floor of a very tall building and saw that this floor was actually a very large room. Inside the room, there were several evil beings that were injecting a newly devised tranquilizing drug into those fellow practitioners who always look at things without righteous thoughts and who treat problems passively. (It seems to hold true for all living beings that whenever they are emotionally apathetic, they attract evil forces that eventually control them). In the dream, I also saw that once the medicine had been injected into the practitioners, those who did not have strong righteous thoughts would then become controlled by the evil beings.

There were two types of responses from those who had been tranquilized. The first kind is to do things that are opposite to external circumstances. For example, if you were to talk to her about things related to the Fa, she would escape by imagining something else. The second type of response is that after being controlled by the evil beings, the practitioner would get lost in her imagination, until she imagined that she was content with the present situation. She would then delude herself into feeling as if she were in a very satisfactory state of mind, in a very wonderful realm.

Upon awakening from the dream, I was enlightened to the Fa-principle that some fellow practitioners who are indifferent and do not cultivate diligently are this way because they have become controlled by some high level evil beings taking advantage of their passive side that has not been cultivated well. (It probably also includes some practitioners who have "'enlightened' along an evil path"). It has caused them to neglect diligent cultivation and rendered them unable to clearly recognize their situation. This reminds me of some fellow practitioners who cannot check inside and cultivate themselves. Don't they also exhibit these same types of responses? And what about those ordinary people, who care nothing about Falun Dafa? Are they not also like this?

The above is my enlightenment that followed the dream. If there is anything improper, please help to rectify it with compassion.