1. New Life Expo

Practitioners from Orlando, Tampa and the Greater Miami area participated in the three-day New Life Expo held in Broward Convention Center in South Florida from April 5-7. About 200 different groups attended this year's Expo. Practitioners have been promoting Dafa at such events for the past few years and were highly praised by the Expo-goers.

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Practitioners demonstrating Dafa exercises at Falun Dafa booth

Some practitioners continuously demonstrated Dafa exercises at the assigned booth while others introduced Dafa to visitors. Since many practitioners from several cities came to the event, we also got permission to hold demonstrations at an open area and taught people the exercises on site.

á Many people got the chance to know Dafa.

This gentleman had been to the practice site before and now reconnected with practitioners. A practitioner is seen here answering his questions. These two visitors are from Quebec, Canada. They have seen practitioners in Canada and now have the opportunity to talk to practitioners in depth. On the second day they purchased Zhuan Falun and Dafa videotapes. On the third day they brought in their Qigong teacher, a 60-year-old Chinese lady from Mainland China who had practiced in different Qigong schools. She purchased Zhuan Falun and wanted to read it to find out what Falun Dafa really is.

Practitioners also visited other booths and talked to the vendors. There was a booth that sold books on stress relief. A practitioner went there and told the vendor that the best way to release the stress is to give up all the attachments to fame, power and money. With all those strong attachments, people won't be able to relieve their stress. Then the practitioner took the stress test. The instrument did not show any stress at all. The vendor asked the question, "What worries you the most?" The practitioner answered, "If I could not succeed in cultivation, it would really cause me to be worried." The vendor was very interested and said that he would stop by our booth to get more information.á

Practitioners are explaining the principle of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance to vendors at a booth The vendors asked practitioners to teach them the Dafa exercises on the spot. They then stepped out of their booths and learned exercises for half an hour.


Before practitioners departed, they shared their experiences of local Hongfa activities and discussed ways to further promote Dafa and clarify the truth in Florida.

2. Asian Culture Night

On the evening of April 6, some practitioners went to Asian Culture Night organized by Florida Atlantic University. The Chinese government has exerted strong influence on the Chinese student organization. Practitioners had tried to attend Chinese community activities but were declined. This time practitioners successfully joined the Asian culture celebration and introduced Dafa to the visitors. Many Chinese people got the opportunity to receive information about Dafa.


After learning the Dafa exercises, these children did Heshi and said thanks Practitioners teaching Dafa exercises to visitors