Fushun Forced Labor Camp hired thugs to persecute Dafa practitioners and recruited former practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture (hereafter referred to as "collaborators") released from Masanjia Labor Camp, intending to con and deceive practitioners. Led by evil police officer Chen, the collaborators set up "work shifts," enjoyed free lunches, and even received monthly "bonuses." The following are accounts of their brutal persecutory crimes.

Hitting the foreheads: While holding the practitioners down or clutching their hair, the scoundrels beat practitioners' foreheads for an extended period of time until blood gathers around the eye sockets and at the corners of the mouth. Afterwards, they framed the practitioners as demons, and the collaborators dressed themselves up as witches or sorcerers to severely beat the practitioners, with the excuse of "exorcising demons." One day the City Council came to inspect the camp. At that time six practitioners suffered black eyes, purple lips, and swollen faces due to torture. The labor camp feared the outside world finding out, so they hid the practitioners in a small room.

Psychological manipulation: After almost beating the practitioners to unconsciousness, the collaborators gripped the practitioners' hands and forced them to write "repentance letters." While writing, they slowly dictated the words, saying that it was the practitioners themselves who wrote the letter. Their intention was to make temporarily unaware practitioners believe that they actually wrote the letter themselves.

Also, practitioners suffered torture in the forms of crouching, bending over, and "flying." Some collaborators in the female brigade sadistically beat, cursed, and tortured practitioners without regard to basic human morals, conduct, or retribution.

The forced labor camp also forced the men and the women to stay in the same cell. As a persecution technique the female practitioners were sent to the male ward, and the male practitioners were sent to the female ward. The inmates would scream loudly into the practitioner's ears and pull their ears. Others cells would echo the screams, and the sounds traveled very far. The prisoners used all kinds of degrading methods, such as hitting the temples, beating with sticks, bodily torture, group coercion, and slapping, to force practitioners to conform. They also tossed practitioners into the air and banged their heads against the wall. The police beat and kicked practitioners in the name of "maintaining order." They required the male practitioners to stay in the female ward where they endured 24-hours of beating, torture, and restlessness.

In dealing with hunger strikes, supervisor Wu declared in a meeting: "It is okay if they foam from the mouths after three to five days of being on hunger strikes. Afterwards, their faces will turn red, but it's only dangerous if they turn black." An elderly practitioner in her sixties had been on hunger strike for 11 days. The collaborators forced her to bend over and imposed her to write a "repentance letter." Another female practitioner suffered kidney failure during a hunger strike, and died two days later after being sent home. A male practitioner sustained nervous system damage, and another female practitioner had injury to the brain after beating.

At the Fuxin Forced Labor Camp, male Dafa practitioners were forced to perform heavy physical labor like loading and unloading train cars. Female practitioners didn't receive enough food to fill their stomachs. After October of 1999, a meal consisted only of a piece of rice cake smaller than a cigarette carton, and a small piece of pickled turnip. The police often abused those on hunger strikes by recklessly using electric batons. During the first half of 2001, newly recruited police officers frequently shock practitioners with electric batons without reason. Using two electric batons, some policemen would often pace around looking for the most frivolous faults among practitioners, and then unreasonably shock them with batons.

In late June, six practitioners on hunger strike were forced to join the second brigade and do work outside. The practitioners were dragged like sacks all over the place and into truck beds where they were crammed and stepped on. When they arrived at the construction site, the practitioners were pushed into a shack where assistant supervisor Xin and four to five other policemen beat them with rods, and took turns shocking them using four electric batons. On the next day the shocking continued. The police had completely lost their minds and their actions were completely without human nature. They feared that the voltage wasn't high enough, they feared failing to shock the most sensitive places, and they feared that the clubs didn't inflict enough injury. With four electric batons, two would be placed at the temples, another at the back of the head, and the last one at the navel, genitals, or the underarms. When the practitioners passed out, they'd wake them up to resume the torturing.

Some forced labor camps, in order to destroy the indestructible faith of the practitioners on hunger strikes, force-fed large amounts of salt or white wine. The staff at Fuxin Labor Camp was even more heartless, as the staff director announced one day that the Party Committee had decided to "rescue" the practitioners. They ordered the inmates of the labor camp to pinch practitioners' noses, and stuff their mouths with dirty rags. Using a needle they injected high-concentration brine (with salt solids) into the mouths while the inmates compressed practitioners' rib cages and lungs. Most of the brine went into the lungs. When they passed out, the police tilted practitioners' heads forward to dispose the brine and afterwards, re-injected it. In the end, Dafa practitioners' unshakable faith still was not weakened. The leftover brine was dumped into the pants of practitioners (as further degradation).

Police at the Huludao Forced Labor Camp beat a Dafa practitioner unconscious for 14 hours, and then didn't send the practitioner to a hospital until he failed to react to electric shocks. Seeing how unshakable Dafa practitioners were, they poured water onto practitioners and used five to six electric batons at the same time. Each practitioner on hunger strike was force fed a bag of salt. In March of 2001 practitioner Chen Dewen died at the scene as a result of force-feeding. Later, they chained the practitioners on hunger strike to a bed, and removed all the board pieces except the ones under the head, feet, and the torso, so the majority of the body was unsupported (some beds in China are supported by pieces of wooden boards across the length of the bed). This lasted for over a dozen days. After two months of being chained to the bed, some practitioners were unable to move their arms. Some couldn't walk after 24 days, and others suffered numbness after 35 days. In treating the most compassionate and tolerant Dafa practitioners who don't ever resort to violence or bad words, these evil police have completely lost their human nature.

In January of 2000, before the dismissal of the female brigade at Chaoyang Forced Labor Camp, a supervisor escalated the persecution of Dafa practitioners. After the female practitioners were sent to Masanjia Labor Camp, this supervisor received due retribution, and was hospitalized after a car accident. People often said, "It's not that due retribution won't come, but it's because the time hasn't arrived. When the moment comes, everything will be repaid." Chaoyang Labor Camp coerced practitioners to engage in extreme physical labor -- everyday a six-meter deep foundation excavation must be completed. The scoundrels tortured the unwavering practitioners, and forced them to stand, crouch, and line up against the wall (practitioners had to raise their hands and arms upwards against the wall, head down, and stand with lower backs against the wall). They also ordered the inmates to monitor and harass practitioners. In December of 2000, Police Captain Gao and five other police guards forced the practitioners to strip, while whipping them with belts and beating them with wooden boards. A practitioner's eardrum was broken, an elderly practitioner in her sixties fainted, and another's face became swollen after "standing against the wall," all at the hands of the evil police. The police ordered a few inmates to monitor, cruelly beat, and torture Dafa practitioners. Among the perpetrators, policeman Jia died of drug overdose in February of 2001, and policeman Zhang became mentally retarded.

Many forced labor camps try to attack Dafa practitioners because of "orders from above." This is the Chinese legal system that Jiang imposes, and this the real portrait of human rights in China!