(Original text in German)

Dresden Latest News, April 13, 2002

DRESDEN/Saxonia/Germany. The Saxonian branch of the SPD (Socialist Party Germany) demanded explanations regarding the contested police presence on Thursday during Chinese President Jiang Zemin's visit in Dresden. "It is unacceptable for Saxonian police officers to tear a Tibetan flag from a demonstrator's hands," said Interior-and Security spokesperson for the SPD-faction, Mr. Peter Adler on Friday in Dresden. This act had reminded him of times past, times that he had hoped would have long since been forgotten, he criticized.

All around the perimeters of this state visit, one perceived protests against human rights abuses in China. The Saxonian police came under severe criticism for its actions against the demonstrators. Among other things, the police forces forcibly restrained and pushed away a 40-year-old woman, who, after Jiang's arrival at Kempinksi Hotel Taschenberg Palace had shouted out the name "Falun Gong," a meditation system's name. (A more detailed report was given by DNN). Concerted efforts by police officers also prevented a camera team from filming this incident.

[...]Seven hundred-and-twenty-five police officers from all over Saxonia had made sure that this state visit could proceed safely and securely. The official route was virtually sealed off.

Jiang Zemin concluded his five-day visit to Germany on Friday with a tour of the Volkswagen Works in Wolfsburg. During a side-trip to Goslar, however, he encountered another demonstration against human rights abuses in China.