Media Reports

(Central News Agency) Wherever Jiang Zemin traveled in Berlin, Falun Gong practitioners were close behind. Practitioners held activities for six consecutive days to protest his regime's persecution of Falun Gong. The chairman of the human rights commission of the German Federal Congress expressed his wish that the leaders of both Germany and China seriously discuss the human rights issue in China.

(Radio Freedom Asia, April 9) A sandstorm hit Hebei, Liaoning and Jilin provinces, including the cities of Beijing and Tianjin. This is the worst storm in recent years. The sandstorm resulted in poor visibility and reduced temperatures, causing accidents and other safety problems.

Latest News From China

The Changchun government made up many lies about Falun Gong and spread them among the people. The people have expressed disapproval of the government's terrorist actions that have instigated fear in the public. Because the Changchun police force concentrated on arresting practitioners, the citizens' security has been left unattended. This has resulted in many violent crimes, murders and rapes continuously taking place. The citizens express deep concerns regarding the worsening community security.

Today, 205 people published solemn announcements declaring that all that they have written, said and done under the evil's forced brainwashing and high-pressure persecution that didn't conform to Dafa is completely void. From now on, they will dedicate their lives to making up for the losses they caused to Dafa, clarifying the truth to people and catching up with Teacher's Fa-rectification process. á

Hearing the Truth and Revealing People's Hearts

A letter to my old leader: Your deep concerns moved me. What touched me the most is that your attitude towards Falun Gong has clearly changed. You always taught us to uphold the truth. Now, the opportunity has come. You must have read many Falun Gong truth-clarification articles. Please treat Dafa practitioners kindly. Because of their efforts, the world is beginning to thrive and to become hopeful.

Warning from Heaven

On April 6, the day of Pure Brightness [the day marking the beginning of the 5th solar term. April 4, 5, or 6; traditionally observed as a festival for worshipping at ancestral graves, technically known as "sweeping the graves"], it rained all day in Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province. On the morning of April 7, sand and dust filled the sky. By noon it rained a mixture of mud and snow. On April 8, snow fell in big feathery flakes. The abnormal climate is warning people to hurry and wake up. Four Dafa practitioners were recently tortured to death in Shuangcheng City.

News from Overseas

Falun Gong practitioners in Germany held a Falun Gong Information Day in Wolfsburg. Practitioners accepted interviews from the media. They informed the public of the grave situation of practitioners in China, especially in Changchun City, and they also called on kindhearted people to condemn Jiang Zemin and help end the persecution.

On April 7, an art exhibition of Zhang Cuiying's paintings was successfully held in Mannheim, Germany. Many people were present at the exhibition. A person was very sympathetic about Zhang Cuiying's encounter in China and said he could not understand why Jiang Zemin persecutes such a peaceful practice. A Chinese woman said she could not understand modern art and was glad to see traditional Chinese painting overseas.

Sharing Experience among Practitioners

In the detention center, I opposed the evil forces and faced the evil with righteous thoughts at all times. I exposed their evil deeds and broke through their arrangements with righteous thoughts and wisdom. On the fifteenth day of my detention, I walked out of the detention center openly, dealing the evil a heavy blow.