March 1, 2002

(Clearwisdom.Net) In February 2002, government officials in Hefei City's Dongshi District attempted to conceal their crimes that led to Ms. Zhang Duoyun's death. They used newspapers and TV to spread lies, trying to fool the people. We the Anhui Dafa practitioners are outraged. We have to let the world to know what actually happened to Ms. Zhang Duoyun, an over 70-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner.

Police repeatedly go after Ms. Zhang Duoyun

The morning of September 26, 2001 was the first time that Policeman Song Daige and his partner from Heping Street Police Station came to Ms. Zhang's home in the Anhui Textile Company Apartment Complex and tried to take Ms. Zhang away. Their plan failed when Ms. Zhang refused to cooperate.

The second time, in the early morning of September 27, 2001, four policemen from the Heping Street Police Station came back to Ms. Zhang's home and tried to arrest her by force. They knocked so loudly on the door that Zhang's neighbors were awakened. After a neighbor told the police that Ms. Zhang was not home, they left.

The third time, later that morning on September 27, 2001, Hefei Street Police Station Deputy Director Wang Guangxuan, Policeman Song Daige, Dongshi Police Station Security Unit Chief Gao, Sanlijie Station Policeman Wang Yongan and another policeman came to Sanlijie Railroad Apartment Complex, where Ms. Zhang Duoyun's daughter lived and again attempted to arrest Ms. Zhang. After a strong protest from Ms. Zhang's family members, the police's plan failed once more.

The fourth time, it was Sanlijie Police Station Director Wang Yong'an who came to Ms. Zhang's home again to attempt to arrest her. At family members' strong protests, he left without making an arrest.

The fifth time, in the middle of October 2001, policemen Wang Guangxuan, Song Daige and Shi Chuanying (Heping Street Policeman and Ms. Zhang's relative) came to the home of Ms. Zhang's daughter again. They were shocked to hear that Ms. Zhang was visiting a relative in Shanghai, where the APEC meeting was then being held. They threatened to include Ms. Zhang Duoyun on the Shanghai police's most wanted list.

Finally, police personnel pressured Ms. Zhang's former boss to turn herself in, asking Ms. Zhang to come to the work unit to have a "talk." Dongshi Police Security Office's Li Gang also threatened Ms. Zhang by telephone. Even after Ms. Zhang passed away, the police still would not leave her alone. A police car followed the funeral hearse almost all the way to the crematorium.

Zhang Duoyun's death was the result of police harassment

To avoid detention, Ms. Zhang Duoyun had to leave home and escape from police scrutiny. Her regular life was interrupted, and she was placed under great stress.

Ms. Zhang Duoyun had practiced Falun Gong for nine years, and she was a completely healthy person without any signs that might point to a stroke. Her former employer, her relatives and friends all knew this.

How did Ms. Zhang Duoyun die from a brain hemorrhage and stroke after repeated attempts of arrest? Was this a coincidence? Medical experts told us that a "hemorrhagic stroke" could be caused by mental stress and emotion anguish. Therefore, we think that it was police's harassment and threats that lead to this elderly woman's death.

We solemnly advise everyone: good will be rewarded with good and evil will be met with evil. This is heaven's law. Those who safeguard Dafa and protect the practitioners will lay a good foundation for their bright future. Those who harm Dafa and the practitioners are committing a horrible crime. Please think about your own future.