(Clearwisdom.net) Note: This letter was delivered after many twists and turns. The couple are both Dafa practitioners and illegally detained in a forced labor camp. Their two-year old daughter was sent to her hometown and is being taken care by her aged grandfather and grandmother.

Dear father,

How are you? Last time when you came to visit me, they did not allow you to come in. I only received money, the book and the note you wrote. Please do not worry about me; your son will surely not disappoint you and other relatives.

Father, although you do not practice cultivation, you are a father who makes clear distinction between right and wrong. Probably others have told you that once I was almost tortured to death when I was force-fed and spit out a lot of blood. Actually, there were many occasions that I was almost tortured to death, and some I have never mentioned to others. But, please don't worry, your son's life is strong and unyielding. Now my health is recovering, especially after the Spring Festival [Chinese New Year]. Please take it easy, I am very rational and firm. I firmly believe that I will proudly reunite with you with integrity.

Since I was sent to the labor camp, I have been strictly held in isolation. The places I am forced to stay in are either clinics [note: probably for emergency treatment] or a confinement cell, and are almost totally isolated from others. But I have observed something from the behavior of the guards. I have been on hunger strike for many days; many labor camp guards and all the people of No. 1 division have somewhat learned about this and are thinking about it. Those who had been brainwashed and forced to give up practicing Falun Dafa also started to think it over. In the middle of last December, they put four practitioners who firmly cultivate Dafa under strict monitoring. But now, they put 18 persons who either firmly practice Dafa or have not been totally brainwashed into the "strictly monitored class," namely "house arrest." During this period, there were also more than ten people waiting to be released because their detention terms had expired.

Father, please be sure not to give any money to the labor camp. Those guards will only take the money into their own pockets and do bad deeds. You can tell them that, firstly I have married and legally you are no longer my guardian, and you don't have any responsibility for me. Secondly, our family has financial difficulties. Please do not give in to them for exchanging the permit to see me.

As for brainwashing me, it is not that I am looking down to them, but as I said to the guards when I was first sent here, they don't have such capability.

Father, my mind is very calm. Occasionally, I think about people outside, think about the Dafa practitioners with whom I worked with for Dafa. At that moment, I couldn't keep my tears from running down. I really miss them.

Father, please do not dote on your granddaughter; discipline her if necessary. She is almost three years old now.

How about my mother's health? Don't try to save money on treating her illness. How is my younger sister? I would like to pay my respects to them and thank them for taking care of my child.

Father, please take care of yourself. Your son cannot do anything for you at this moment, but you will be proud of your son in the future!

Changqing (anonym)

February 2002