(Clearwisdom.net) This time, together along with several Swedish practitioners, over twenty practitioners from Taiwan went on a three-day "Paris-Budapest-Geneva" trip for the purpose of spreading the Fa and clarifying the truth of the persecution of Dafa.

On March 16, we arrived in Paris. While we were waiting for our transfer flight, we went to the triumphal Arch and Shangri-La Boulevard and met many tourists from China. They accepted the true facts about Dafa quite well. After we talked to them, many people expressed that they wanted to share the truth about Falun Dafa with their friends and families after they went back China.

We arrived in Budapest on the same night. There were over ten thousand Chinese people there who have been deeply influenced by Chinese Government's distorted propaganda against Falun Gong, and most of the native people there haven't heard about Dafa. The next day, we distributed the Dafa truth clarification materials in the railway stations. On March 18, we held press conference in the morning; in the afternoon, we went to Chinese supermarkets to distribute the Dafa clarification materials. Many people well accepted the materials. Although a few of them have been deeply deceived by Chinese Government and were not friendly to us, we still held the heart full of compassion. The night of March 17 and 18, we went to the Chinese Embassy to send forth the righteous thoughts and practiced. Even though it was very cold, practitioners' righteous thoughts were very strong, and the scenes were very solemn and peaceful. On the second evening, the policemen changed the iron fence around the Chinese Embassy to a thin plastic string.

On March 19, we walked to a square to practice and spread the Fa. Many people were in the square, and TV station came to interview us. We then held a parade through the downtown, passed by the mayor's office, Capital Building, TV station, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Building and played the music of Pudu and Jishi and distributed the Dafa materials throughout. In the evening, we went to Geneva and stayed at a hostel. We gathered together with practitioners from around the world and conducted a hunger strike in the square in front of the United Nations for two days.

After the end of the Geneva Experience Sharing Conference, we took a bus and arrived in Paris in the next morning and distributed the Dafa materials in Chinatown. There were many Chinese there. Some of they started reading the Dafa materials right on the streets. Some took their own initiative to learn the true facts.

During this trip, we met many precious Chinese people. The materials we brought with us were not enough. The whole trip was quite successful. Even though little problems occurred, when we looked at our inner selves, we found they were caused by our own shortcomings. Especially when we were in Geneva, a dozen people stayed in hostel that was a former air raid shelter, men and women had to share the only bathroom, plus the rigors of the two-day hunger strike, to the most practitioners from Taiwan who were living in the fairly comfortable conditions, all of these were good opportunities to get rid of our attachment of comfort.