(1) Party Committee Secretary Xu Shaoming of Daqing Petroleum Management Bureau in Heilongjiang Province attempted to trump up a charge and make a false case to frame Falun Gong by making use of the appeal of 10,000 workers in Daqing. However those workers who made the appeal said, "We are appealing because your policy towards us is unreasonable. This has nothing to do with Falun Gong! Don't impose all the charges on Falun Gong."

(2) Xiao Li and Xiao Zhang went to the police station to ask for their ID's back and clarify the truth to the policemen. The policemen listened to them carefully, and one policeman said, "You should try not to run into us when you clarify the truth in the future. Be more careful." Xiao Li and Xiao Zhang said immediately, "It doesn't matter even if we run into you. Can't we just pass by as if you didn't see us?" The policemen smiled in understanding.

(3) On January 19, some people from my father's workplace came to my school. They followed me and then took my parents away. I reported what happened to my school immediately. The teachers told me, "Kid, don't be afraid. The righteous will always defeat the evil. Tell you parents to persist to the end! It cannot be called belief if they give it up!"