The annual Women's Health Expo sponsored by Maryland's Montgomery County was held in Blair High School. Falun Gong was one among the over one hundred booths. Early in the morning, several Dafa practitioners started passing out the Dafa materials and clarifying the truth. Several house representatives of Maryland State and Montgomery County went to the Expo early or late all stopped by our booth and got the Dafa materials. They also said, "We have learned the persecution against Falun Gong in China. We feel deep sympathy." All other people stopped by our booth also learned the truth about the persecution and expressed their concern. A professor of Department of Political Science of George Town University asked many questions in details and collected a lot of materials. Before she left, she initiatively signed the petition of "Call for the stop of the persecution against Falun Gong". The elderly lady in the next booth learned the Falun Gong exercises and took many Dafa truth materials in Chinese to give to her Chinese friends. Another elderly lady asked many questions of the truth about the persecution and said that she would write a letter directly to the people who directed this persecution.

Through this Expo, we truly felt that the truth could not be covered. And those people who support the justice and kindness will have a bright future.