(Clearwisdom.net) Since some practitioners have shared experiences on the Clearwisdom website about how to handle the vicious beatings with righteous thoughts, I'd like to share my views on this issue also.

1. The evil people are not worthy of beating us

The evil forces control thugs to beat up Dafa practitioners. This is an insult to Dafa and we definitely cannot accept this. This is not at all an issue of practitioners eliminating their own karma. We should clarify this point. The persecution of Dafa practitioners is arranged by the old forces and imposed on Dafa practitioners, with the purpose of harming and even destroying the practitioners. Moreover, Teacher will have to endure more for practitioners this way. So my personal understanding is to stop such kinds of things from happening with all of our abilities. Of course, when the actual events happen, the situation can be quite complex. However, I think our understandings should be quite clear, and we must do our best to achieve this goal.

2. We can use supernormal abilities to protect ourselves

When the Teacher addressed the subject of martial arts, he mentioned types of high-energy matter and powers that come out right at the beginning of cultivation, which can be used to protect ourselves. Then, today the abilities that practitioners carry are far beyond these things, so we can easily protect ourselves with these abilities. I understand that when we encounter the physical torture imposed on us Dafa practitioners, we could think about protecting ourselves with our own abilities and eliminating the evil at the same time. Many practitioners have mentioned in their experience sharing articles that they used their supernormal powers to resist the persecution, such as making the electric current reverse and shock the evil people holding the baton. Of course, the application of our supernormal powers is closely related to the level of our xinxing (moral character, mind nature), as well as how strong our faith is in the Teacher and in Dafa. As practitioners, if we face the vicious people with human hearts, our supernormal powers cannot function properly.

When we are beaten, our human side should not cooperate with the evil. Our divine side should eliminate the evil with righteous thoughts and use our supernormal powers to punish the evil beings as well. To stop their evil deeds is also to be compassionate to them. This is not to protect the individual, but instead to safeguard Dafa, as we are all Dafa particles.

This is only my personal understanding. If there is anything wrong, please point it out with compassion.