Snowdrop flower, little dainty, tell me news from far away.
Has the Chinese persecution reached and passed its final day?

No, O human, no such tidings can I tell thee on this day.
Many Falun Dafa people huddle closely in harm's way.

Violent persecution comes from a jealous leader's spite,
Seeing people good and worthy without number living right.

Pledging war upon the masses, leader's order brooks no room:
"Break their bodies, moneys, spirits without mercy" is the doom.

Spouses, parents, children, neighbors, all risk loss of every right
If the 610 office people break through sturdy doors at night.

Heavy chains of iron banding lock about their guiltless arms,
Vain attempt to break believing, prelude to inflicted harms:

Battered bruised and broken bodies litter labor camps around;
So-called "education" classes echo mocking cruel sound;

Lawless brutes with unearned titles rob and kill in broadest day;
And corrupt officials plunder untold households on their way;

Lawyers hobbled, statutes gutted, constitution thrown away;
Disappearing plaintiffs, kidnapped judges, torturers for pay;

Police setting men on fire just for asking justice due,
Even framing immolations then editing for public view!

Defamations fill the airwaves, papers inked with venom black,
Redress for the gravest crimes are cursed at and are beaten back.

Citizens can trust no longer those who take their orders raw
From a devil leader bent on rending so-called "traitors" tooth and claw.

Can the land can bear such sorrow? I cannot imagine how,
Germany somehow survived it, more than that is needed now.

Genocide is unbecoming such a jewel as China is.
Sad I am to bear you news that comes as deathly black as this.

Human, hold now, stay your leaving, let thy head not lower more!
All we flowers scattered widely give you other news in store.

Though the troubles seem unending, much reveals itself to sight
Which confirms that, yes, the sunshine will push back this dark of night.

Few indeed the stubborn people wrecking so the social peace,
Great the mass of brave and gentle with untapped power to make this cease.

Most policemen know the story, many do how much they can
Holding back implementation of this try to wipe out Man.

Peasants, teachers, students, workers, all have seen with open eyes
The kindness and inherent good that Falun Dafa's might supplies.

Lifelong sickness fades like shadow, ancient grudges fall away,
Families reunited, all the stories pile up day by day.

Multicolored banners hanging far and wide across the land
Stating plainly Dafa's goodness, staying greatly evil's hand.

Misinformed officials gather, forced to plan some further wrack,
Hearing one peer's simple wisdom, find resolve to push it back.

Captured maiden, basely bonded, facing death's unpolished tooth,
Enough resolve to shame a soldier in her will to speak the truth.

Vain attempts to hold back mourners, purchase silence, muzzle talk,
None can slow the news nor truth, which comes by mouth and ink and chalk.

All can see from baldest action who is wrong and who is right,
Who takes good or bad as highest, who asks justice, who gives fight.

Too much more support of hope than I can speak to you at all!
Human, grieve what's worth lamenting, but also heed the hopeful call.

Thank you, snowdrop, for your tidings, evil-laden though they be.
Great the work ahead for justice, whose healing power we shall see.