(Clearwisdom.net) According to a media report, on the morning of March 14th, four Swiss Falun Gong practitioners staged a sit-in hunger strike in front of the China Liaison Office in order to protest Jiang's order to "shoot [Falun Gong practitioners] on sight without pardon." Twelve Hong Kong practitioners were also present to show support. At noon, under pressure from the China Liaison Office, the Hong Kong police department dispatched large numbers of police officers to forcibly take away the practitioners. The police then alleged that Falun Gong practitioners kicked and bit them, causing injuries to them.

I was extremely puzzled after reading the report. Falun Gong practitioners' appeals are always very peaceful and they were just there doing exercises. How could they knock the Hong Kong police to the ground with a kick? How could they grab the Hong Kong police and bite them?

I am glad that I saw a group of photos that resolved my doubt. Please look at the two pictures below. From picture 1 we can see that the hands of 3 police officers are clustering around one practitioner's mouth and neck. One policewoman even opened her mouth wide--she may be pretending to catch her breath or she may be shouting at the practitioner. There was a contorted expression on the face of the practitioner, probably because she was in extreme pain. Now turn to picture 2. We can see that the same practitioner was being dragged backward with her mouth covered by the police. In this situation, the police claimed that the practitioner bit them and injured them. This would be like a lion that was tearing an antelope's throat complaining that the antelope injured him while struggling to catch its breath.

Picture 1 Picture 2

Let's look at another two pictures. Picture 3 shows at least 4 police officers grabbing and dragging a practitioner. Picture 4 shows that a practitioner was knocked down to the ground. The police alleged that the practitioner kicked them, which, once again would be like the lion reprimanding an antelope for kicking him while struggling.

Picture 3 Picture 4

Hong Kong is supposed to be "One Country, Two Systems." However, the Hong Kong police are closely following their counterparts in Mainland China, which is a really dangerous trend. The Hong Kong police dare to treat peaceful practitioners so violently, yet they still make ridiculous allegations. One can imagine them soon using the same methods in the near future to deal with all the people that the dictators in Mainland China dislike. How long can "One Country, Two Systems" remain in force? How long can freedom and prosperity in Hong Kong last?