(Clearwisdom.net) Zhang Jiaguo, now the mayor of Macheng City, Hubei Province, is chiefly responsible for the persecution of Falun Gong in that district. Just one month after he became the mayor last March (2001), an atrocity took place. Wang Huajun, a faithful and steadfast young female Dafa practitioner, was beaten unconscious, and then set on fire and burned to death while she was still alive. All of this happened right in front of the City Hall. This atrocity was undeniably linked to Zhang's direct orders, so Zhang has undisputable responsibility.

When the 2002 Spring Festival was about to arrive, Zhang, who showed no sign of repentance or remorse for his monstrous crimes, eagerly followed Jiang's call of winning "merits" and making "contributions." On the 28th day in the 12th month of the lunar calendar in a Macheng City television broadcast he announced he would have all Falun Gong practitioners arrested and detained. The next day he suddenly felt severe pain in his throat, and a medical examination revealed a tumor there. On New Year's Eve of the Lunar calendar, during preparation for his surgery, he lost consciousness after being anesthetized, and had to be hurried to Wuhan City, Hubei Province for emergency treatment. So before he was even able to show off his so-called achievements, he nearly lost his life. Those who support his persecution of Falun Gong should think about the heavenly principle that good is rewarded with good and evil is met with evil. They must be aware that retribution will fall upon them.

On the Eve of the Lunar New Year, Dafa practitioner's activities for clarifying the truth went amazingly well in every township and village in the Macheng area. Dafa practitioners posted flyers and hung banners right under the streetlights or on the streets without encountering even one security person or plain-clothes policeman. So the villains' plans failed.

During the first night after the Lunar New Year, Dafa practitioners immediately started another round of hanging banners and posting flyers. They hung banners at all major intersections. Several banners were hung on the road connecting Baiguo Town and Macheng City downtown. The next day when I passed this road, I saw that some banners had been removed. When the vehicle I was riding in arrived got close to the bridge, it could not move forward anymore because of a traffic jam, so it had to turn back. I got out of the vehicle and continued to go forward walking. I saw the crowd and vehicles densely packed on the road. When I managed to walk through the crowd and approach the bridge, I saw a red banner about 2-meters [about 6 feet] long hanging on a utility pole on one side of the bridge with "Falun Dafa is good" and "Falun Dafa is diamond-solid" written on it in yellow letters. Under the banner were the crowds of people and vehicles that were slowly moving. People often looked up at the banner. I felt happiness from the bottom of my heart. On the opposite side of the road was a police vehicle, and the policemen were in front directing the traffic. The traffic jam must have started when the policemen began to remove the banners and posters along the road. How foolish these policemen were! They did not want people to see the banners; but instead, they caused more people see it. The massive crowd moved back and forth on the bridge. I had never seen a traffic jam on this road before. This one was even worse than the traffic jams in big cities.

I believe that incidents of criminal's such as Zhang Jiaguo receiving retribution are inseparable from Macheng Dafa practitioners' brave and persistent efforts of promoting Dafa and their mighty righteous thoughts. Let's continue our persistent efforts, constantly send forth our powerful righteous thoughts, and act together with Dafa practitioners in Wuhan and other areas to eliminate the evil factors in the province.