On Sunday, March 10, 2002, in the streets of Hong Kong, local resident Ou Mangan (left) and his two children hold his wife Lu Baifeng's picture and a poster reading "Release my wife. Let our family reunite." This group of Falun Gong practitioners peacefully paraded to the Chinese Liaison Office in Hong Kong and requested the release of two Hong Kong practitioners, including Lu Baifeng, who was detained in China last month.) (Photo by Lo Sai Hung)

(On Friday, March 8, 2002, Jan Becker (left), the former Olympic medallist, and two other Australian Falun Gong practitioners talked to reporters in Singapore's Zhangyi Airport. On Thursday, March 7, she took part in a protest with nine other people in Beijing and was subsequently detained. Becker said the International Olympic Committee missed a good opportunity to force Jiang's Regime to improve its human rights record before the 2008 Olympic Games.) (Photo by ED Wray of AP)