Recently we are happy about the good news of "Falun Dafa Days" being declared in various places all over China. This phenomenon is like "Tough plum buds blossoming in winter for the coming of spring to the world" as described in a famous Chinese poem. This is as the breaking light before dawn to indicate the powerfulness of Fa rectifying the human world and the whole universe's celebrating it. We should fully present this truth to the peoples in the world, especially to the Chinese people for rescuing them as soon as possible from lies and forced persecutions and for re-establishing their righteous thoughts and courage. The overseas practitioners should take charge in voicing support to these extraordinary Falun Dafa Days all over China. The following is now suggested:

The news about "Falun Dafa Day" in a specific area in China should be made known to its sister city or friendship town in the world. Then encourage overseas area governments or organizations to send congratulating notes, not to be blocked out by the regime officials, directly to the Chinese people. Overseas cities that can, should facilitate and integrate China Falun Dafa Days celebrating into other Fa-spreading and truth-clarifying activities. Meanwhile, try as much as possible to utilize various ways and means such as news media, telephoning, faxing, e-mailing, etc. to help Mainland practitioners to widely spread the good news.

We hope that our mutual efforts between Mainland and overseas practitioners will make the "Falun Dafa Days", materialized via the indestructible lives and unselfish righteous thoughts by the countless disciples, to be more sacred and magnificent.