I recalled about a dream I had one or two months ago. I dreamed my grandfather was inundated in a sea of fire. After I woke up, I knew my grandfather was in great danger because he holds a bias against Dafa. He also influenced my grandmother. I planned to use the Spring Festival to clarify the truth and save them from peril.

On the third day of the New Year, I chatted with my grandfather on different topics from the Great Cultural Revolution to Falun Gong. Still, he was contradictory about Dafa. The tenth day of New Year was my grandfather's birthday. I went to his house early one morning to find opportunities to reveal the truth to him. I knew the reason he opposed Dafa was due to the government TV programs he watched and believed. I started mentioning how I benefited from Dafa and then exposed the evil lies, especially the staged self-immolation case. I told him about how foreign practitioners went to Beijing to rectify the Fa. Finally he became clearheaded. My grandmother urged me to quit cultivating Falun Gong, etc. I asked her what was wrong with cultivating Falun Gong? She said the TV program said so but she did not know exactly what was wrong with it. There are so many Chinese people who have been deceived into hating Falun Dafa from the evil propaganda and slander. However, the evil elements' influence is getting weaker and weaker while Dafa disciples are becoming much more mature now, so their clarification of the truth has become much more effective now combined with their sending forth righteous thoughts. My grandmother is very much against the violent suppression being put upon the people. I told her what was happening in the detention centers, starting with my personal experience. I told her there are at least 1,600 people tortured to death because they persisted in their faith. These words shook my grandmother deeply.

Another two lives now have the hope of being saved. When I recalled the dream about my grandfather, I suddenly enlightened that it was a "a sense of burning urgency" to him at that time. As a matter of fact, people who are still not clear about the truth are in a very dangerous situation if they failed to change their bad feelings about Dafa. I can see there are still many people who do not know the truth. But the number of people who are biased against Dafa are becoming less and less. After such a long period of Dafa disciples passing out materials, posting banners, people's negative thoughts toward Dafa are getting weaker and weaker. If we clarify the truth at this critical moment, the result will be twice with half the effort.

As for Dafa disciples, clarifying the truth at this time period will have the best result.