The Wanyaoshu Detention Center in Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province unlawfully detained several hundred Falun Dafa practitioners.

Female police officers Hu and Fan tortured us brutally using all kinds of methods. As for female Falun Dafa practitioners, they cursed at us, beat us up, and used iron brooms and batons with spikes to beat us. They forced the practitioners to lie on the ground wearing only underpants on their stomachs and do push-ups. At the same time they beat hard on their shoulders and lower backsides. They cursed badly while they beat practitioners and would only beat a practitioner harder if she cried. They were beaten so brutally that they bled profusely and rolled on the ground in agony . The inhuman methods of the malicious police were unbearable for the other prisoners and they lowered their heads to quietly wipe away their tears. Policewomen Hu and Fan roared, "Nobody cry! I'll beat whoever cries!" They said as they were beating practitioners, "Don't you want to practice Falun Gong? Go ahead and try it! Let me tell you something, in this place I have total control over you!"

Policewoman Fan saw one of the practitioners lying on the ground motionless, so she kicked her brutally and said, "Get up! Don't play dead. If you don't get up now, I'll use the spiked baton to beat you to death." Just like this, policewomen Hu and Fan took turns beating practitioners. They beat them until they became very tired and were breathing heavily. After they tortured this practitioner for almost two hours, they asked these practitioners, "Still want to practice?" When they saw these practitioners didn't speak, they brought out handcuffs and shackles and chained two practitioners together and asked, "Who's the tougher one, you or me?" In handcuffs and shackles, they had to be together whenever they ate, went to the restroom, or did anything. Even during their menstrual periods the policewomen still refused to unchain them to allow them to use proper hygiene. They had to be hand-fed and could not lie down to sleep. They had to sit until morning. One time a practitioner helped the chained practitioners to change her sanitary napkin. When she took off her pants, her skin stuck to her pants. Her whole backside was badly mutilated and started to bleed. The practitioner who was helping cried. The chained practitioner said, "Don't cry. I'll be alright." They were tortured in this way for about 20 days. Their feet were swollen, their wrists were festering, and the police still didn't unchain them.

A 22 year-old practitioner had been seriously ill such that all her muscles had no strength before she discovered Falun Dafa. She could not even take care of herself at that time. She pursued all kinds of medical treatment, which were all useless. After she practiced Falun Gong, she could take care of herself and could also help out her family. In order to clarify the truth to the government, she used her own experience to tell the people "Falun Dafa is good." She started walking to Beijing to appeal when she was intercepted and brought back by local police by the time she had walked less than one third of the whole distance. She was detained in the Wanyaoshu Detention Center and she refused to eat. Policewomen Hu and Fan asked some people to restrain her while they force-fed her with salt water and sugar water. She lost three teeth from the force-feeding and was tortured to the point of near death. Then the ambulance came. This young female Falun Dafa practitioner was arrested and released, and arrested again and then again, three times altogether now. How is she doing now?

The prisoners in the same cell said, "Although these two police officers are young and female, their hearts are full of poison. They're more brutal than male police when they beat Falun Gong practitioners."