The situation in Shenzhen City No. 2 Forced Labor Camp (No. 2 Camp): Newly arrived practitioners and those who refused to yield to the persecution were separated and sent to ten different divisions for continual persecution. The camp guards used beating, hard labor, boot camp training, physical abuse, sleep deprivation for several consecutive days and other means to torture them. Under severe pressure, some people gave in. After that, they were sent to a íoFalun Gong Control Officeí to attend a brainwashing class in order to exert mental control over them.

As of February 18, 2002, a total of 85 Falun Gong practitioners have been detained at this camp.

The following are some detailed accounts of the situation: Zhou Jianzhong was severely tortured by guards in Cell East-26 in Shenzhen City Futian Detention Center. Later he was transferred to No. 2 Camp Persecution Office, where he was brutally tortured. As a result, he was not able to even get out of bed and take care of himself. The camp had to send him home for medical treatment.

Kong Fanjie lost two front teeth due to torture.

Huang Xuanming was detained in No. 3 Division. Encouraged by the guards, the head inmate often beat him.

Xie Jinmiao was detained in No. 9 Division. Encouraged by the guards and the division head, the head inmates physically assaulted him.

Hu Hui was severely beaten by guards in No. 5 Division. Later he was transferred to No. 9 Division, but the head inmate severely assaulted him there as well.

Zhang Weizu, Zheng Xueguang and Zhu Minrue were severely beaten in No. 9 Division.

Zhu Yong was forced to do excessive hard labor and deprived of sleep for three days in No. 3 Division. He was also severely tortured. But he was very determined and refused to give in. Later he was transferred to No. 9 Division. We ate at the same place, however, for quite a few days we did not see him during meals. When we saw him later, his glasses were missing. Presently, he is still being tortured at the so-called íoboot camp training.í Li Hongcheng was severely beaten in No. 5 Division. Presently, he has been detained in the persecution office even though his term has expired.

Zhou Shiyu and Xu Zhonghua were physically abused in Division Seven.

Liao Nuli was severely beaten by guards in No. 7 Division and his incoming mail was withheld.

Liu Qun was tortured in No. 7 Division and continued to be tortured after transferring to No. 5 and No. 9 Divisions.

Wen Huasheng was beaten in No. 4 Division.

Zhang Linxue and Pen Yeming were beaten in No. 2 Division.

Zhong Guannan was beaten in No. 7 Division.

Partial list of policemen who have tortured Falun Gong practitioners: Li Tianfang, Song Jianzhu, Meng Haiqing, Diao Guiqing, Luo Chunxiang, Luo Gaoping, Chen Hongdong, Chen Linyuan, Li Mengsheng, Luo Shaowen, Li Yaoqing, Xie Qingsheng, Zou Dongping, Feng Shiming, Lin Chongjing, Hu Bing, Lu Guang, Huang Xueping, Xue Shaoqin, Yang Shengqi, Ye Guozhi, Deng Weijie, Ou Chaonan, Guan Wei, Cheng Xuejun, Li Xianfeng, Ouyang Youlin, Chen Weifang, Chen Shaoan, Liang Hai, Hao Yingbin, Sun Hongbo, Lin Yongrou, Liu Guojiang, Huang Xiang, Luo Zhihao, Zhai Zhidong, Yan Kai, He Yuliang, Zhang Shaohua.

Telephone Numbers for Shenzhen City No. 2 Forced Labor Camp:
Kuang Zhongjian (Director): 86-755-8193013
The Political Commissioner: 86-755-8193228
Yang Ketong (Deputy Director): 86-755-8191527
Shang Hongqing (Deputy Director): 86-755-8193601
The Persecution Office: 86-755-8180494

Incidentally, Shenzhen City No. 2 Forced Labor Camp has many illegal underground factories. They make many products for export. They had also produced counterfeit "Guizhou Mao Tai." [The brand name of a famous liquor]