Minghui.net (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net) is a web site belonging to all of us. It is seen by Dafa practitioners, everyday people with different mentalities as well as the evil forces in the human world. Jiang's criminal group doesn't allow Chinese people to visit Minghui, but police, secret agents, labor camps and officials with ranking above a certain level can visit Minghui everyday.

Dafa practitioners from Mainland China can break through the information blockade and the Internet under extremely difficult situations, and they can write down what they see and hear and submit to Minghui, which plays a significant role in clarifying the truth, exposing the evil and offering salvation to people of the world. However, after going through various difficulties, perhaps due to the limitation of conditions, the procedure of final verification is ignored when sending some news. That is, the procedure to completely and precisely verify the whole incident and details and then submit the article to Minghui, is sometimes ignored.

In view of the special reader groups of Minghui, it is a very serious matter to submit an article to Minghui. Especially when certain people and incidents are involved, we need to verify and confirm the accuracy and then submit our article. The safety of concerned parties also needs to be taken into consideration. We should try not to add in personal emotion, suppress the mentality to exaggerate and to show off achievements. If the news that practitioners obtain is not accurate, people of the world will easily be confused, and the evil has another loophole to further persecute practitioners and ordinary people.

To appropriately and objectively report every piece of news will enable more people to be willing to accept the truth. This is an issue that is related to the reputation of Minghui and Dafa as well as whether a lot of ordinary people can be saved.

I suggest practitioners put more attention and effort to verify news and further try our best. Even if it is too hard to clearly find out the details, we should also make clear notes to Minghui editors which parts have not been verified and the reason why the details are not verified, which are personal opinions, and where the news comes from, in order to avoid loopholes. Though the environment is difficult, facts will prove that such rigorous endeavors are worthwhile and necessary. Let's work together to safeguard Dafa and our Minghui net.