(Clearwisdom.net) The three of us are not Falun Gong practitioners, but more than 10 of our relatives practice Falun Dafa. After July 20, 1999, five or six of them, including my parents, were illegally detained and tortured. Since we did not understand the Fa and were oblivious of the true nature of the persecution, we burned some of our parents' collection of Dafa books and materials.

The nationwide persecution against Falun Gong includes vicious propaganda, outright lies, and planting evidence to frame practitioners. At one point, it had deceived many people. The three of us were also deceived. We had consciously and unconsciously become spokespersons for the vicious beings and interrupted our relatives' cultivation.

Our relatives did not fall during this tribulation. They have educated us while clarifying the truth to the people around us. As such, we realized that what we did in the past was wrong. We committed a sin and generated karma. Master Li's great compassion is magnificent. The Dafa practitioners risked being arrested, detained, tortured in labor camps, slapped with jail terms, expelled from the Party, dismissed from their jobs, and/or risked their lives to expose the evil and clarify the truth. Their only goal is to save sentient beings, but the Jiang and Luo regime is as vicious as poison. They are poisoning hundreds of millions of innocent people.

We had made a mistake, and we deeply regret it.

Because of this, we are declaring to the people in the world and all lives in the universe:

Falun Dafa is Great!

Falun Dafa is Great!

Falun Dafa is the law of heaven!

Xiao Ye, Chengxin, Xiao Wen