(Clearwisdom.net) During the Chinese New Year, UK practitioners not only used every possible opportunity to clarify the truth to Chinese but also spread the Fa to predestined people at busy locations in some cities. Several practitioners from different cities gathered together and spread the Fa in Milton Keynes Shopping Center once again.

The young practitioners were especially eye-catching. When they sent forth righteous thoughts, their calm and peacefulness formed a sharp contrast to the people rushing around. Dafa materials again have been passed to many predestined people.

One little story again lets us feel Master's benevolence. A practitioner working on his post doctorate degree ran into a former senior colleague of his and his family, whom he hadn't seen for many years since he was working on his PhD degree. Naturally, the materials clarifying the truth were given to him. Maybe the acquaintance many years ago was for this moment today. "Everything through the ages, has happened for the Fa. Falun turns, renewing the three domains (Note: The Chinese term translated here as "three domains," san cai, is an ancient term referring to the heavens, the earth, and man)" (from the poem Just a Play).