(Clearwisdom.net) The day before the Chinese New Year Eve (February 10, 2002), Canadian practitioner and artist Chen Xiaoping, who went to Saipan to visit relatives, held an art exhibition in the Saipan Government Culture and Arts Exhibition Hall. The opening ceremony was very warm and grand. People from all social circles including local well-known personages and US government officials attended the exhibition and appreciated the paintings. The local TV station had special coverage on this exhibition. Other media also reported on this event and posted the news on the front page of a local and Guam newspaper on Chinese New Year's Day.

We sincerely hope that more people will experience that practicing Falun Dafa not only has physical and mental benefits but can also help one reach a higher artistic realm. We also hope they will know more about Dafa and the truth of the persecution against Dafa while they are appreciating the serene and beautiful artworks. Chinese and English versions of Dafa materials could be obtained at the entrance of the exhibition hall and Pudu music was playing in the hall. All of these were telling people: "Don't miss the opportunity of obtaining Dafa again."