On the afternoon of February 16, 4 Florida practitioners returned home after a peaceful demonstration on Tiananmen Square and received a warm welcome at the Orlando Airport from over 30 Dafa practitioners and their friends. Reporters from local newspapers and TV stations were present to interview the practitioners who had gone to Beijing to validate Dafa.

The four practitioners who appealed on Tiananmen Square are Court and Jared Pearman (brothers), Chris Jasurek and Corey Lee. Many local practitioners had learned about the demonstration from the news and closely watched the developments. An Orlando practitioner did not sleep for two nights and made banners and sashes. Local practitioners also prepared beautiful flowers. Practitioners held flowers and signs that said, "Welcome Home" and "All the World Knows Falun Dafa is Good" to welcome fellow practitioners who went to validate Dafa. The scene was very moving.

At 1:30 p.m., holding a yellow banner, "Falun Dafa Hao" and singing "Falun Dafa Hao," four practitioners showed up and walked up to the waiting practitioners, who presented them with flowers and put sashes on them. Tears were falling from many people's eyes. The faces of 4 practitioners still have bruises, and the new clothes they wore on Tiananmen Square were dirty and torn. Their pale faces showed firmness and compassion. The passengers were shocked at the moving scene and asked what happened. A reporter from the biggest local newspaper rushed to interview practitioners. Then practitioners held a press conference. They told people about the persecution against Truth-Compassion-Tolerance and called upon peace loving people all over the world to stop the killing taking place daily in China. Reporters from newspapers and TV stations then interviewed practitioners individually.

Practitioners detailed the reports of their encounters on Tiananmen Square. Court's bruises from punches to his left eye could still be clearly seen. The buttons on his shirt had all been ripped off and his pants were torn. He was still covered with dirt from being dragged by the police. When a reporter asked how bad he was hurt, he showed them the big bruises on his back.

Corey Lee is from Taiwan, and practitioners were very worried about him. When he appeared at the waiting hall of the airport, a 70 year old female practitioner said, "I worried about you the most." He replied, "It was ok, I was prepared. Teacher is looking after me." Because he has a Chinese face, he was treated very badly on Tiananmen Square, on the way to the detention center, and in the detention center.

The reporters interviewed practitioners for 2 hours until they were told the 4 practitioners needed to go to have medical examination for their wounds.

At 4 p.m., 5 p.m. and 6 p.m., all practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts with practitioners around the world to eliminate evil.