January 30, 2002

What can be more mysterious to us than the art of the east? To open the Mysterious, we have a unique opportunity to know about it, and it is free in Dnepropetrovsk museum. A few days ago an exhibition of Chinese art from Australian artist Zhang Cuiying was opened here.

From an early age, Zhang learned the secrets of Traditional Chinese painting. Traditional Chinese painting has a history of five thousand years, and Zhang had famous Chinese teachers. Her paintings are done on rice paper and she uses a traditional Chinese ink made from a special powder of stone. Her paintings are very exotic for our eyes. That is why they are very interesting for us: Eastern landscapes with mountains, waterfalls, dancing women and children with funny haircuts. From her paintings we can enjoy the beautiful colors of a Lotus flower, be scared by a tiger, or be inspired by the great power of a Buddha. There is a painting called one hundred Koalas, which is six meters long; this is a scene from Australian nature. By the way, her painting, "Harmony" was presented to our Ukrainian president a few days ago.

With the help of an interpreter, Zhang Cuiying told us that she came to the Ukraine to let the people of Dnepropetrovsk know about traditional Chinese art and also to spread the cultivation system of mind and body known as Falun Dafa. Practitioners of Falun Dafa from Dnepropetrovsk organized the Zhang Cuiyingü@ tour. There are about two hundred practitioners of Falun Dafa in our city. The essence of Falun Dafa we can describe like this: Look at the shortcomings inside yourself, and upgrade your moral standard. However in China, practitioners are suppressed by the Communists. Two years ago, Zhang Cuiying was jailed for eight months. Now, the forty year old painter is traveling around the world with her exhibition. She believes that because of Falun Dafa, her paintings have become more peaceful and tranquil. Zhang Cuiying liked Dnepropetrovsk very much, and she was able to learn about the art of local painters. So we advise you to hurry to see her exhibition as tomorrow is the last day.

(Translated from a Ukrainian Newspaper article).