Chen Zhenli lived in Shahekou District of Dalian City. On the morning of February 8, she received a phone call from the police substation of Chejiacun Village, asking her to go to the police substation. Chen refused. At 10:30 p.m., several policemen came to Chen's residence. She was by herself at that time and refused to let them in. The policemen then began to bang on the door furiously. The noise they made shocked the neighbors. However, the police stopped the neighbors from going upstairs to see what is going on. The police used a screwdriver, a flat shovel, and a hammer to break down the door. Among the neighbors she was known as a nice lady who was always willing to help others. She had been illegally jailed and tortured at the vicious Masanjia Labor Camp over a year, but she remained steadfast in true cultivation. Her neighbor commented, "Are these police? They are bandits!" Around 11 o'clock, to escape the evil persecution, Chen Zhenli jumped out of the window. She died after being sent to the hospital.

The policemen forced Chen's husband to open the house door. However, they didn't find any "evidence." To cover up their crime, they changed the damaged security door with a new one and asked for the old one. When asked why they groundlessly arrested people, they answered that a few days ago, Li Chunling was arrested after she visited Chen, and they found something in her bag.

Spring Festival is a holiday of family gathering, but a good person was forced to her death.

To those police who were involved in this tragedy, when you gathered together with your family on New Year's Eve, listening to the firecrackers, did you think about how Chen Zhenli's family must have felt? Did you think about the heavenly law, "good is rewarded with good, evil is met with retribution?"