Gu Yalou, male, 32, went to post truth-clarifying materials at 11 p.m. on September 26, 2001. At midnight, he was arrested and brought to the Beihan Police Station. On September 27 at 10 a.m., the police sent him to the State Security Brigade of the Renqiu City Police Station. The police wouldn't allow his wife to visit him. At noon on September 29, his wife heard through inside information that he would be brought to trial that afternoon. The police asked for 20,000 yuan RMB (Average monthly pay of an urban worker is 500 yuan) in exchange for his release after the trial. On September 30, at about 4 p.m., his wife got the money ready and was going to pick him up. At that point, two people from the township government came and asked his wife to go to Renqiu City. When his wife reached the police station, she was taken directly to the third floor conference room. One director of the station read to her a written statement, which said that Gu Yalou died during trial the previous evening at around 7:30 p.m. on the 5th floor.

It was during the summer, but the whole building only had one window open. There were bloodstains on the floor of the room where Gu died. One forensic doctor from Cangzhou City gave an autopsy report stating that there was a dent on his head, which resulted from being hit by a heavy object. There was blood all over his face and two black spots on his left shoulder, apparently from electric baton shocks. There were scars from a whip on his buttocks and a 1.5 inch deep hole on his right leg. The flesh on both of his heels was torn open so that it exposed the bone. His shins were broken and bleeding, and it was apparent that his body had fallen backward from a high altitude. After Gu's wife saw his body for less than half hour, police rushed her to dress him and get him ready to be cremated. Police would not answer any of the questions that his wife asked. His wife wanted to wait for his other family members to show up, since they were still on the road. However, supervisors from Renqiu City Procurator and the police station, and even government officials from Cangzhou City came and tried to control the situation. They forced his wife to sign her name and agree to cremate the body, but his wife refused. Two teams of soldiers then came over and forced her to dress him in fifteen minutes. The soldiers then took the body to be cremated, and the ashes were not even given to Gu's wife.

The police used a common tactic that they've employed in previous incidents. The police said he died from jumping from a tall building, but this is obviously a lie:

  1. Such a luxurious building would not be the place to bring a person on trial in China. Why was only this one window opened in the summer, while all the other windows were shut?
  2. The dent on his head resulted from being hit by a heavy object, which could easily kill a person. How could he still manage to jump from a building?
  3. Why use soldiers to escort his wife and cremate the body in such a hurry? What were they trying to cover up? Is there some unspeakable truth behind his death?

We urgently request the investigation of this case. Let the murderers be punished by the law.