The Truth and People's Heart

Lawless police officers in Nanjing City kidnapped a Dafa practitioner from her home. This woman was forced to call her ex-husband who was living far away in Beijing, whom she had divorced nine years ago, and ask him to come to her home to take care of their child. Later, this practitioner walked out of the police department with wisdom. The vicious police officers went to her home and asked for her. Her ex-husband condemned their irrational and unreasonable behavior. The police then harassed the practitioner's former parents-in-law, as well as her relatives. Her ex-husband's cousin called her parents and said, "If you hear anything from the child's mother, ask her to come and live in my home. I'm not afraid of thugs!"

Practitioners Exchange Insights

Some experiences of chatting online: Once I was in an online chat room and clarified the truth to people. A young man cursed me. I immediately felt he was the first person I should clarify the truth to. I sincerely and compassionately told him that the reason he was so angry was because he didn't know the truth. His attitude completely changed and he asked me what was the truth. At another time when I was about to speak, another person in the chat room took over the microphone and asked me not to mention this topic. I thought, "Dafa is everywhere. I can clarify the truth, no matter what topic I talk about." I asked that person to choose a topic. He said, "We can talk about how ladies quit smoking." When it was my turn, I told them about my personal experience of quitting smoking after practicing Falun Gong. I also elaborated and gave many examples of how Dafa improved people's physical and mental health. This person constantly agreed with me. When we truly communicate with them from our heart and think about them at all times, when they truly feel Dafa practitioners' purely compassionate heart, they can then accept the truth we are clarifying. When they have truly learned about the greatness of Dafa from their own hearts, the evil lies can no longer deceive them.