(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of December 27, the "Global Coalition Against Article 23" held a press conference in Taipei. A representative of the "Global Coalition Against Article 23," Mr. Nie, explained the detriment that Article 23 may bring to all sectors of society in Taiwan.

Mr. Nie pointed out that at present Hong Kong is facing a critical issue. The principle of "One Country Two Systems" is in serious jeopardy. He called upon all Taiwanese citizens to launch rescue efforts to defend the freedom of Hong Kong.

Various individuals and organizations around the glove initiated the "Global Coalition Against Article 23." The Coalition is based on the premise that at present, Hong Kong citizens have lost the right to freely elect the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and to elect all the seats in the Hong Kong Legislative Council. Moreover, Hong Kong's court system is no longer bound by the "Rule of Law," and can be overruled at will by China. They believe that if Article 23 is passed without precise and careful amendment, it will jeopardize the freedom of Hong Kong citizens.

Mr. Nie gave an example to illustrate some of the concerns raised by the legislative proposal. For instance, Hong Kong's media reports on issues facing China, such as unemployment, or the widespread AIDS epidemic, they may be construed as leaking state secrets. In other words, Article 23 may be used to attack so-called anti-subversion, and anti-government activities.

The "Global Coalition Against Article 23" has successfully launched demonstrations in Washington D.C., Vancouver, Canada, and other places. The European Union issued a statement entitled "Safeguarding Hong Kong is to safeguard our own conscience." Over 30 Chinese groups supported the statement. The "Global Coalition Against Article 23" welcomes all kinds of business groups, social groups and individuals to take part.

Mr. Nie also made it clear that even though the consultation period for Article 23 has expired, the efforts to oppose such an evil law are still going on.

Also present at the press conference were Chou Ching-yu, member of the Taiwan Legislative Yuan; Chang Chin-hwa, Director of the News Research Center of Taiwan University; and Chang Ching-his, Chairman of the Taiwan Falun Dafa Association.