Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions

Breaking out of the brainwashing class with righteous thoughts. I was kidnapped at work and was forcibly sent to the brainwashing class. I immediately went on a hunger strike in protest. I felt I should use righteous thoughts to get out and rejoin the Fa-Rectification process. To passively endure is tacit acceptance of the persecution by the evil. I asked help from Master to strengthen my power to break out of the brainwashing class. I got other practitioners to study Master' new articles, send forth righteous thoughts together to eliminate the evil in other dimensions, study the Fa and practice the exercises. The fourth day I felt dizzy and weak. The doctor who examined me said that I had anemia. I realized that Master had conceived a pathology to help me get out. With Master's assistance, I finally rejoin the current of Fa-Rectification.

Practitioners Exchange Insights

Some thoughts on the kidnapping of Falun Gong practitioners participating in the Fa Conference in Cheng'an County, Hebei Province by the police. Some practitioners thought afterward that the conference should not have been held at all. Actually the issue is not whether to hold the conference or not. The state of mind when making the decision and during the preparation for the conference is most important. Only by persisting with determined righteous thoughts could we prevent the old forces from exploiting any omissions we might have. Some were at a loss regarding sending righteous thoughts. They did not even bother to read articles on the Clearwisdom website. They have stopped clarifying the truth and doing Dafa work, and just idly wait for fellow practitioners to be released from the prison. But the evils will not of their own accord stop the persecution. What then would constitute strong support for the practitioners in prison? We should send forth righteous thoughts together to eliminate the persecutions against us. At the same time the practitioners concerned should take this opportunity to look within and continue to purify oneself. We should also encourage each other, remind each other and establish strong righteous thoughts to completely break through the arrangement of the old force and eliminate the persecutions.

News from China

A story told by the husband (a non-practitioner) of a fellow practitioner: At work, the Zhangs are both intellectuals and top performers. They were arrested twice for practicing Falun Gong, and were sent to labor education. The head of the work unit always allocates living allowance to Zhang's father who is over 80 years old. When the company bought food for the employees, my coworkers and I would bring the food to Zhang's home. Ah, after the Great Culture Revolution and June 4th Student Movement, who does not know how this society works?