(Clearwisdom.net) One day, a four-year-old girl, holding her grandpa's photo in her hands, wept in silence. When her grandmother saw her so upset, she asked her with great concern, "Xiaoxue, what happened? Why are you crying?" The little girl said, "I miss grandpa." (Her grandpa is a Dafa practitioner and was taken away from home and sent to a labor camp). Hearing this, the grandmother held the little girl in her arms and said to her again and again, "Grandpa will come home soon."

Fourteen months later, her grandpa was released. The little girl was so happy that she jumped with joy around her grandpa, laughing and clapping her little hands. She put a little stool by the windowsill, stepped on it and shouted out on top of her voice, "My grandpa is back! I have my grandpa now!"

However, nine months later, the police again illegally arrested her grandpa and sentenced him to three years of forced labor.

I wonder how this little girl is taking it now, and when she will be able to shout again, " I have my grandpa now!"

December 22, 2002