(Clearwisdom.net) For saying that Falun Dafa is good, practitioner Meng Xuehui was beaten savagely by convicted felon Kan Chunyan at the instigation of the forced labor camp guards. She bled from her mouth and nose, and afterwards she was handcuffed for over a dozen days.

The police accused practitioner Dong Xiuling of sending righteous thoughts and handcuffed her to a wooden board for 25 days. Everyday she was allowed only 20 minutes for meals and brushing her teeth. She wasn't allowed to eat until everyone else finished their meals. After she was released from the board, she was not allowed to sleep for the next 3 days. She had to do hard labor during the day and stand leaning against the wall at night.

Gao Chunlian refused to watch the video that slandered Teacher and Dafa, and she was handcuffed for 3 days. Policemen Liu Ziwei and Zhang Guohong beat her for a whole night. The second day, Liu Ziwei brought three convicted felons to beat her again for half the night. She was beaten until her face was badly swollen and her mouth bled profusely. Her body was covered with cuts and bruises, and she had difficulty walking.

Saying that Wang Jinghao practiced the Falun Gong exercises, the guards tied her legs up and handcuffed her for over 10 days. Wang lost consciousness several times, but the police still wouldn't release her from the handcuffs.

To intensify the brainwashing, the Women's Team set up a special "forced transformation class" administered by a team composed of the police, collaborators (former practitioners who have gone astray under pressure), and inmates. Practitioners were locked up on the fourth floor behind a big iron gate and tortured. They were handcuffed, not allowed to sleep and forcibly brainwashed.

The police wouldn't even let the already brainwashed collaborators go. Before the National Day on October 1 and the 16th Party Congress, the forced labor camp held a "Transformation Consolidation Class." There were 16 "lectures," all slandering Teacher and Dafa. After each lecture, the guards tried to pressure the practitioners to write articles criticizing Dafa.

Determined practitioners were denied the most basic rights, including family visitation. Tang Guihong was illegally detained for nearly two years. However, when her mother in her 70s brought her items of daily necessities, she wasn't allowed to see her daughter, nor was she allowed to leave the items for her.

Under the guards' tacit consent, the criminals and collaborators would beat the practitioners at will. In reality, they are all persecuting the practitioners together.