December 8, 2002


My mother Ma Guilin passed away in Shanghai in the morning of December 1, 2002. She was 62.

Because my mother refused to give up the cultivation of Falun Gong that brought her a healthy mind and body, the authorities illegally detained her and sentenced her to forced labor camp for one and a half years. After going through over eight months of mental and physical torture, my originally healthy mother ended up with a terminal illness. Since September, the hospital sent out two urgent notices. Since she wanted to see me, her only child, for the last time, my mother endured tremendous pain to make it through. I was also eager to keep my mother company. But the Chinese consulate delayed my visa; and as a result my mother and I were not able to see each other for the last time. I cannot describe the anguish and sadness I've felt in the last month.

I strongly condemn Jiang's tyrannical regime that abuses its power to create nothing but sadness for its citizens. I also strongly condemn the Chinese consulate for purposefully denying mother and daughter to see each other one last time, just because we were Falun Gong practitioners. Your cold heartedness is a terrible, appalling thing.

My mother Ma Guilin's funeral took place in the afternoon of Monday December 9th in Shanghai Xibaoxing funeral home.

Dear mother, please rest in peace. In this far away foreign country, we express our deep sorrow and we are thinking of you.