(Clearwisdom.Net) After starting to practice Falun Dafa, studying the Fa and practicing the exercises, one practitioner because of a lack of diligence, almost never contacted his local practitioners' group. Therefore, he did not know much about the meaning of Fa-rectification. When the evil started to wildly and massively persecute Dafa in August of this year, those diligent practitioners who kept in close and frequent contact were all informed beforehand. These practitioners used their righteous thoughts and righteous actions to rationally and wisely adopt various ways to break through the evil persecution. Therefore the evil's conspiracy could not succeed.

However, because this practitioner was not informed, he was taken to brainwashing class. Under the evil's persecution, this practitioner could not maintain the determined mind of a practitioner and did something that a Falun Dafa practitioner should never do.

After he got out of the evil place, he regretted it so much. He wanted to publish a 'Solemn Declaration', however, he considered his human attachments too huge and prepared to do it after having purified his mind.

One day he dreamed that practitioners were all in one line, Teacher printed three characters on the cover of each practitioner's bag, "Say going home".

When it was our practitioner's turn, Teacher wrote, "You will have to wait ten more years."

After the practitioner woke up, his righteous thoughts surfaced. He enlightened to the fact that he should cherish his cultivation opportunity during the Fa-rectification period that was predestined tens of thousands of years ago and that he should immediately publish a "Solemn Declaration" from the bottom of his heart!

I would like to add my own thoughts at this point. We should represent the standpoint of the Fa to new practitioners to help them understand Dafa from within the Fa. We should communicate with them often because this is what it means to be responsible towards Dafa, other practitioners, sentient beings as well as ourselves. Especially when serious things happen, we should take responsibility and inform them in a timely manner. Teacher does not want to lose even one person with a predestined relationship because Dafa practitioners are one entity. As long as a person enters the door of Falun Dafa cultivation practice, he demonstrates a great predestined relationship. Only when we move forward together, will we have a beautiful future.

On the other hand, those who obtained Dafa but are still fearful should not depend on luck or pursue comfort, thinking, "If I don't do much, the evil won't pay attention to me, and so I will not suffer the persecution of the evil."

The basic goal of the evil old forces is to destroy sentient beings. If the conduct of some practitioners does not meet the standards of Dafa, the old forces in other dimensions see this very clearly and they will not let you off easily. They will definitely interfere through external pressure, internal attachments and deviated notions to persecute practitioners who do not have a clear understanding and lead them astray. Therefore, among practitioners we must face the evil's persecution with righteous thoughts. This persecution is not one of ordinary people towards other human beings but it is one of the old forces towards Dafa practitioners through controlling evil human beings; it is meant to undermine Fa-rectification.

If anything inappropriate was said, please point it out with compassion.