Dec. 10, 2002

( On the afternoon of Nov. 7, 2002, Cheng Wenbin, a policeman from the Shuibu Police Station, together with a member of the residents' committee, for no reason, went to an elderly Dafa practitioner couple's home to harass them. By coincidence, another Dafa practitioner, Ms. Qian Xiaohui was also there. When Qian Xiaohui came out of the elderly couple's home, Cheng Wenbin kidnapped her to the police station and illegally searched her. Cheng Wenbin and the other policemen did not find anything during the body search. Then, over a dozen people, including a deputy head, Sun Yamin, and several other policemen from the Wangzhuang Police Station, went to Qian Xiaohui's home and searched it without any due legal procedures being observed. They stole her personal phone book and Dafa books, including Zhuan Falun.

Two days after the search, policeman Sun Yamin from the Wangzhuang Police Station again brought some people with him and broke into Qian Xiaohui's home. They stole her refrigerator, TV set, VCD player and other electric home appliances. They even cut the power supply lines to the home. They illegally detained Qian Xiaohui for 15 days. After she was released, Qian Xiaohui went to the Wangzhuang Police Station to claim the belongings that had been confiscated. The police station personnel not only refused to return her belongings, but policeman Sun Yamin even forced Qian to move out of their jurisdiction area. The police further put pressure on the work unit leaders who assigned her the apartment to expel her.

Here we seriously warn those people who are doing evil deeds: It is the law of heaven that good will be rewarded and evil will be met with retribution; people will have to pay for what they have done.