December 11, 2002

( Around July or August 2002, over 30-year-old Dafa practitioner Ms. Wang Fang of Hebei Province was illegally sent to Kaiping Forced Labor Camp of Tangshan City for three years of "labor re-education." The guard tried to force her to give a thumbprint and write a statement renouncing Dafa. She steadfastly refused, so the guards made her remain standing for a whole night, causing her feet and legs to swell up. Wang was also beaten brutally by the police and prisoners for shouting, "Dafa is good!" The guards tied her to a tree, struck her jaw violently and repeatedly, causing her to bleed from the mouth. They also strapped a muzzle on her mouth in order to prevent her from shouting out.

In order to oppose this illegal imprisonment and inhuman treatment, Ms. Wang started a hunger strike. In response the police brutally force-fed her. The roughly inserted tubes made her bleed profusely from the mouth. Later the police were afraid that she would die, so they sent her to the hospital for emergency treatment. To prevent her from escaping, they shamelessly stripped Wang Fang naked on the hospital's bed, exposing her to the people passing by. The doctor also inserted a tube into Wang's urinary tract. On the 99th day of her hunger strike, she was released to go home. At this point she was very weak, couldn't sit, stand, walk or speak, and had great difficulty eating once she got home. She depended on injected fluids to keep her alive. Even so, the police still shamelessly went to her home to harass her several times.

We hope Dafa practitioners will strengthen their righteous thoughts to help fellow practitioners in these types of difficult situations to defeat the evil's persecution and recover their health. Right now, there are still many practitioners on hunger strike in Kaiping Forced Labor Camp. We call for the attention of the international community and ask for your help in freeing the practitioners being detained and tortured there.