Due to the continual persecution from the local authorities, the four of us, 'Y', 'L', 'A' and I have been forced to remain homeless for quite some time.

On November 23, 2002, young 'A' and I had conflicting views over security measures, specifically regarding the use of mobile phones, and our discussion ended up in a heated argument. We raised our voices at each other, totally lost control of ourselves, and behaved just like a practitioner should not. I knew very well that my attitude was not right, but somehow, I just could not calm down and clear my mind, even after applying righteous thoughts.

That night, I suffered from a severe headache and by midnight, it had gotten worse. At first, I thought that it was because of my behavior in the afternoon. So, I started sending forth righteous thoughts again, while at the same time, trying to find out where I had gone wrong. My headache abated a little, but I still could not go back to sleep. While lying in bed, I continued with sending forth righteous thoughts. Turning around, I was shocked to find 'Y', 'L' and 'A' had all seemingly lost consciousness!

Looking at the situation, I sensed something sinister, but had no time for further thoughts. Without hesitation, I helped 'A' up, kept telling him to wake up and concentrate on righteous thoughts, while in my mind, asking Teacher to strengthen our thoughts. 'A' woke up very quickly. Under our combined efforts, 'Y' and 'L' also woke up, but their limbs were weak and not responsive. The four of us then sat down and focused on sending forth righteous-thoughts. An hour after reading Zhuan Falun together, a warm current surged through my body. I felt light and relieved. The others also felt a lot better, but we were all exhausted. So we went back to sleep. By then, it was already in the early hours of the morning.

At about seven o'clock in the morning, I woke up again. I had a sharp headache. The scenes of what had happened a few hours ago flashed across my mind. I realized that we had not assessed the situation correctly, but simply dismissed it as demonic interference. I then started to study the whole situation further. The fact that the four of us encountered the problem at the same time showed that there must be another reason. Suddenly a thought flashed across my mind, carbon monoxide poisoning? I took a glance around the room. All the windows were shut and there was a coal stove. That was it, carbon monoxide poisoning. I quickly got up and opened all the windows.

By then, it had been four hours since we first had the symptoms. In other words, we were in a room filled with carbon monoxide for at least four hours. Judging from the severe symptoms we experienced earlier, the four of us could've been dead by then. But, because we had great faith in Dafa, and in our Teacher who had helped in strengthening our righteous thoughts, we came through unharmed. That is another good example of the extraordinary power of Dafa.

Why hadn't we discovered the gas leak earlier, and why were we so careless? While trying to find out where we went wrong, we recalled the unusual argument we got into earlier and because of that argument, we weren't thinking clearly.

Weighed down by the long periods of hiding out from the police and the sense of responsibility in safeguarding a smooth supply of Dafa materials, security was obviously crucial. From the Internet we had read articles written by other practitioners suggesting various safety measures and we were anxious to implement them. However, in the course of doing so, we neglected the importance of maintaining our own xinxing (mind/heart nature; moral character), hence exposing our weakness to the demonic interference.

In the article -- "Expounding on the Fa," Teacher said, "You should also be clear that "natural" does not exist, and "the inevitable" has reasons behind it." This incident was not an accident. Prior to the incident, I fell into an argument with young 'A', and a few days before that, two other practitioners also got into an argument over a trivial matter. As a result, our pure and peaceful environment was undermined by our own attachments, which further led to our inability to meditate quietly, the ineffectiveness of our righteous thoughts, the demons burrowing into our loopholes, and finally an accident that should not have happened.

While we can't neglect the safety measures everyday people follow, we should always maintain within us a quiet, peaceful, and harmonious mind, a mind in which we can find our own faults whenever problems arise. Only then would we be able to build an unbreakable shield around us, giving no loopholes for the demons to burrow through. That is true security.