(Clearwisdom.net) A couple of days ago I experienced a test, which bothered me a lot. I was constantly looking at other people's mistakes and even made judgments on some people. Today when I was practicing the Falun Standing Stance exercise, I realized that Dafa disciples are one body as a whole. If there is a crack, the overall power of the whole body will become weakened and the evil could have chance to take advantage of it. Under any circumstance, we should never lose the conscious awareness of being "one body." Only by bearing in mind that we are all one body can we bring into play the superior qualities of the whole body, even if they may not be manifested in this dimension. When the evil takes advantage of a few individual practitioners, fellow practitioners often have the mentality of blaming them. Even if they do not outwardly place the blame, it still is a reflection of everyday people's mentality. If we cannot realize this from the point of view of the Fa, it will not only be one person's problem of omission, its impact will also reflect the omission of the whole body.

One night I had a dream where a large chunk of thick ice suddenly cracked into several pieces and everyone on the ice immediately faced the danger of falling into the water. When I awoke I realized this was a hint, but I did not get the true meaning of the hint at that time. When facing conflicts, I still had trouble overcoming them. I would always focus on a mistake of someone else and felt anger inside myself. I even thought of others using very bad notions. This was not only a problem of my not being tolerant enough, but also a big exposure of the evil nature that had not been cultivated away. Even if other people had a problem, being intolerant or not compassionate would not be of any help in their current situations. Such a mindset would have a negative impact on both them and myself, on Dafa practitioners' overall improvement and on the Fa-rectification process.

Moreover, in my daily life, I know that I should monitor my own thoughts. Being able to keep doing well at all times cannot be achieved in a short period of time. When I relax in monitoring myself, my attachments are likely be strengthened or used by the evil, which affects my Fa study, cultivation and Fa-rectification work. My difficult path during this crucial moment of Fa-rectification and eliminating the evil made me realize that we should be highly vigilant and keep studying the Fa well. We will then be able to constantly remain clearheaded and rational, will not miss this historical opportunity, and be able to do what we should do well, as a one body.

October 26, 2002