(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Dafa practitioner who was persecuted in a forced labor camp. I witnessed the labor camp authorities' persecution of Dafa practitioners. The guards abused their power and used inhuman means to persecute Dafa practitioners. The practitioners suffered severe injuries, both physically and mentally.

Once, five guards surrounded a Dafa practitioner, forming a circle. The practitioner was lifted up and thrown to the ground, then lifted up again and thrown down again, kicking him repeatedly in the process. This was repeated again and again. The guards said that all they wanted to do was to get this Dafa practitioner to say three words: " I give up." This Dafa practitioner's former weight was 130 Jin [about 143 lbs]. Because of the heavy abuse and mistreatment he now weighs less than 80 Jin [about 90 lbs]. Even so, he did not yield to the evil. There were so many Dafa practitioners who did not yield under such severe persecution; on the contrary, they became even more steadfast.

When the guards realized that violence would not work, they tried different means. They deployed all kinds of falsehoods and attempted to deceive the Dafa practitioners. Ever since then, Dafa practitioners have been enduring much more intense tribulations, but the guards' attempts have been in vain.

Currently officers from the police department are still arresting Dafa practitioners without providing any valid reason and sending them to the forced labor camp for brainwashing. Their evil deeds have infuriated people who know the truth of the persecution.