A Practitioner's Thoughts on Passing Out Flyers at a Tourist Spot in Sydney: More and More Chinese People are Learning the Truth

Lately, when going to one of Sydney's tourist spots to pass out truth-clarifying materials, I feel that the surroundings have changed drastically. I always felt it was very difficult to pass out flyers to people from China in the past. But now, people from Mainland China are voluntarily and cheerily coming to take flyers, saying that when they get back to their hotels at the end of the day they will read them carefully. The last few times we brought a heavy box full of materials, and returned with the box empty. The most heart-warming incident involved a vacationing couple from Qingdao City, Shandong Province. They were here at their own expenses, and they indicated that they already knew the truth about Falun Gong as they had frequently received truth-clarifying material from Dafa practitioners in Mainland China. I seized the opportunity to explain to them about the truth of the staged "self-immolation," and they were incensed for having being duped by the government. I asked them to let their friends and family know about the truth of Falun Gong after they returned home; they realized that knowing the truth was a blessing, and said they would. They even said that it was worthwhile spending so much money for the trip just to learn the right from wrong.

I realized that we must make the best use of our time, not let another opportunity pass, and hurry up and tell them, to let even more precious Chinese people know the truth.

A Dialogue between Chinese Students Studying in Australia: "You should first study Falun Gong ..."

After getting off work on Friday, at the Central Railway Station, I met several High School students from China. One of them, who gets off at the same stop as me, was actually an "old friend." I told them that on Saturday night, there would be a seminar on "Healing Miracles of Qigong" in Chinatown. This seminar was given by an American professor in molecular immunology, and would be very informative. Because her speech at the University of Melbourne was very warmly received, she decided to present it again. This was a very rare opportunity, so I told them, "If at all possible, you should tell your friends to go too." I gave them a flyer on the seminar, which briefly explained the scientific discovery of qigong at the molecular level. It also explained the preventive application of qigong for diabetes, a variety of cancers, and other diseases. After reading the circular, one of them said: "We can tell our friends to have a ball game first at the University of Melbourne, and then go to the lecture afterwards." His suggestion was unanimously accepted.

Two students then got off the train. One of them said: "If there's a chance, we should learn qigong." The other immediately said: "Then you should first study Falun Gong."

Looking at their backs moving further away from me, I thought to myself: The truth is moving deeper into people's hearts as time goes on; the lies can no longer poison them!