1. A Little Practitioner

Teacher has mentioned young practitioners many times. I had also read stories about many diligent young practitioners from experience sharing articles on Dafa websites. Here I'd like to share with everyone the stories of a little practitioner by my side.

This young practitioner now attends junior middle school. She started to practice Dafa with her mother before July 20, 1999. Sometimes, she also went to the practice site to do the exercises and study the Fa with other practitioners. After July 20, 1999, her mother was not very diligent in cultivation. When her mother did not want to post truth clarification materials other practitioners had brought her, the young practitioner would post the materials by herself. On one occasion her schoolteacher found her posting truth clarification material. The teacher said nothing to her, but asked her mother, who had an attachment of fear, to come to school for a talk. At the end of last semester, the teacher asked the little practitioner to come into his office. He wanted to persuade her to give up the practice of Dafa. This young practitioner clarified the truth to her teacher with reason and wisdom. The teacher then finally became speechless and said, "If you fail to do well on the upcoming final exam, I will say it's the fault of Falun Gong." The young practitioner had always been one of the highest academic achievers in her class. As usual, she scored the highest on the final exam out of all the kids in her grade, rendering her teacher once again speechless. Because this young practitioner was of good character and scholarship, she was elected "Excellent Student of the City." However, her school took her name off the list when reporting to the city authorities, because her mother practiced Falun Gong. However, this young practitioner took it very lightly and acted as if nothing occurred. She also frequently reminded her mother to keep up with the Fa-rectification process and not to slack off.

2. The Speaker Story

After being unconditionally released from a labor camp, I found that among the practitioners I knew, some I admired because they had cultivated diligently. However some others had regressed. When Dafa practitioner A, (The young practitioner's mother I mentioned previously) who had regressed, visited me, she cried. She said that she missed me very much and always had dreams about me. I patiently shared experiences with her on a frequent basis. One time when I was sharing experiences with her, she said to me in tears, "If you had been by my side, I would not be like this." She then began to study the Fa and practice the exercises, gradually enhancing her understanding of the Fa from the Fa and merging herself into the Fa-rectification process.

However, when I shared my experience several times with a former practitioner, B, who had given up the practice before July 20, 1999, no progress was made. But I still sent her the new articles written by Teacher. During one occasion when I visited her home, she told me the following story.

Early in the morning one day her husband pushed her, waking her up from sleep and said, "Listen to the Falun Gong music outside!" She sat up and carefully listened. The music seemed as if it was penetrating through vast cosmic spaces! She cried and ran outside. As soon as she got out her door, she saw a speaker hung up on the high-voltage electrical wire by Dafa practitioners, who had programmed the speaker to broadcast Dafa music at set times. Many people were already gathering there, also listening to the broadcast.

Whenever I think about this speaker story, I feel a sense of responsibility. Therefore, I wish to say to fellow practitioners to not miss this lucky chance that "only happens once since the beginning of time in the cosmos" ("Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston"). Do not "lose it easily just because you have obtained it easily"! (Zhuan Falun, "Martial Arts Qigong" in Lecture Six)

After practitioner B had some deeper understanding of the Fa, I went to Beijing to clarify the truth again before the last Chinese Spring festival. Because I had loopholes and my righteous thoughts were not strong, I was illegally arrested and sent to the Xicheng Police Station in Beijing, where I went on a hunger strike to protest right away. By the 101st day of my hunger strike, I was taken back by the local police of my hometown. After studying the Fa and reflecting on myself for a period of time, I still felt my cultivation state was not too good, nonetheless I had not forgotten what practitioner B had told me about the speaker story. I went to her home again. She said other Dafa practitioners also came to visit her on various occasions. In addition, she had realized from her heart that she should study the Fa, practice the exercise and become a Dafa practitioner during the Fa rectification.

When I came back from Beijing this time, I found that practitioner A had again become less diligent. I visited this practitioner several times but accomplished no progress. I sometimes even felt no motivation to help her anymore. However, when I thought about the speaker story, I became more confident in helping her again.

Everyday people need to be saved. However, former Dafa practitioners who need to be saved deserve our attention even more during this final period of Fa rectification. Several days ago when I visited practitioner A, her daughter said: "Mom, aunt has come to save you." I realize all of this was Teacher's arrangement. I just follow along.

3. The Story of a Determined Fellow Practitioner

Before July 20, 1999, fellow practitioner C had not diligently cultivated herself. However, after I was unconditionally released from being illegally detained in a labor camp, she often visited my home to deliver Teacher's new articles as well as experience sharing articles she obtained from the Internet. In turn, this helped me upgrade my understanding of the Fa from the Fa. She would always talk to me as if we were family members who hadn't seen each other for a long period of time.

During this time period, Dafa practitioners are being held in labor camps, some are destitute and homeless, so many were arrested and some haven't been able to step forward. In this difficult period, Dafa practitioner C carried a stamp engraved with Fa rectification words. She printed the words on the doors of every residential unit out of all the almost one hundred residential buildings in the district. When she was finished before dawn at 4 a.m., she stood on the balcony of her house and saw some local police leaving the residential area with hands on their waists after unsuccessfully searching all night for the person who had printed the words.

On one occasion, her husband had been deceived into being driven to the local police station by some evil people. The police then came back knocking on her door. She then hid the Dafa materials well and didn't open the door even though the police waited outside for over one hour. The police then brought her husband back to knock on the door. She still did not open the door. Instead, she hid herself in a spot inside her house. The police got inside and began to look for her. One policeman was carefully looking at the very place where she was hiding. They were so close that she could even hear him breathing. She held her palm erect, closed her eyes and sent forth righteous thoughts. Looking right at the place where she was hiding with his eyes wide open, the policeman saw nothing, as if he were blind. The policeman was very puzzled and said to himself: "It is impossible to find nothing in your home." However, the "impossible" happened to this Dafa practitioner.

This September, the evil police from the provincial department of public security and the sub-bureau had suddenly begun breaking into the homes of Dafa practitioners on a more frequent basis. Without knocking they illegally busted into rooms, and sometimes even forcefully entered rooms from balconies. As a result, they arrested many Dafa practitioners.

Police from the sub-bureau suddenly rushed into the home of Dafa practitioner D. After conducting an illegal search, they went to the sub-bureau to write up a search warrant and went back again conducting a second search. Practitioner C happened to be bringing materials back to practitioner D's home that day. She usually came to practitioner D's home to sort the truth clarification materials after she picked up them from elsewhere. However, this time something delayed her and she therefore just happened to miss the time period when the police intruded practitioner D's home. Later on, when C brought the materials and walked to the front of the building where D lived, she noticed two vehicles parked in front of the building. C immediately became vigilant. When she was close to the entrance of the unit of D's home, she saw someone holding something out. When that person turned to put it into the vehicle, C saw the police badge on that person's arm and knew that it was Teacher's picture he held. C was just several feet away from the building before she met the police. After she left, she immediately informed local Dafa practitioners to tighten security measures. Dafa practitioner D was taken away on that day. However, after a hunger strike to protest for over ten days, she safely returned home.

During this period, Dafa practitioners in our area have never stopped doing truth clarification work. Facing its own destruction, the evil has now become even crazier. So even more so at this time should our Dafa practitioners "Clarify the facts, send righteous thoughts, expose the lies, clean out the rotten ghouls" ("Be clearheaded").

November 13, 2002