Police in Langfang City, Hebei Province, which is about 30 miles from Beijing, have consistently intensified their persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners during important national holidays and events. In order to avoid persecution, many Falun Dafa practitioners have been forced to leave their homes and wander from place to place with no money or belongings. Those practitioners that remain in their homes are persecuted even more severely. Mr. Li, an elderly man from Jianta Township, Li Fengying, who worked in Plant #3532, and Mr. Zhou, another elderly man who worked in the Pipe Bureau, were recently abducted. Wang Wenyang, a practitioner who had left home to avoid illegal persecution, and Kong Ping, who remained at home, were recently abducted and sent to a forced labor camp.

Cao Baochen and his entire family are Falun Gong practitioners. Concerned that she would be illegally arrested, his wife was forced to leave home. The police tried to arrest their two sons, but failed and so took Cao as a hostage instead. Later, some unscrupulous people reported his sons, and they were sent to a brainwashing center. Cao Baochen is still being held in a detention center. His mother, who is over 80 years old, is left unattended at home, and there is no one to harvest the apples from the orchard that the entire family worked so hard to grow. Local villagers have said, "What's wrong with doing an exercise practice? His son recovered from his illness after practicing. Does that make someone guilty? Why tear a family apart for that?"

Many practitioners have suffered a great deal both physically and emotionally as a result of long-term torture. During a brainwashing session, Mr. Li's sister's blood pressure rose to a dangerous level and she had to be hospitalized. Mr. Zhou collapsed due to the persecution he was enduring and was released from the brainwashing class temporarily. A middle-aged female practitioner from the Pipe Bureau had a heart attack while she was being forced to take part in a brainwashing class and almost died. Kong Ping was sent to the Tangshan Mental Hospital after he (she) was tortured for 15 days in the Tangshan Forced Labor Camp.