On November 7th, the Clearwisdom website published an article entitled "Mayor of the City of Chicago and the City Council Unanimously Pass Resolution to Support Falun Gong." This article and a series of reports from the state of Texas indicate that the activities in Chicago and Texas were carried out very well. The practitioners from these two areas were able to clarify the truth to the government, local organizations, and media in a short period of time, and they obtained substantial results.

Where the head of the evil from China visited, the local people and government were provided with opportunities to further understand the truth. If our fellow practitioners from every region and every country can steadfastly clarify the truth to all levels of government, local organizations, and media regardless of whether a similar situation exists or not, and if we are able to let people realize the magnificence of Dafa and the true situation of the persecution, then the evil will have no place in this world and can no longer exist.