November 8, 2002

( Recently when I was relating some stories from the Cultural Revolution in chat rooms, I mentioned Zhang Zhixin. (See note at the end of the article) Many people didn't know who she was or the details of her persecution. After hearing the details they were shocked, especially as they realized how her situation reflected the current persecution against Falun Gong. Many people started to think about things more clearly. In a chat room with about 150 participants, many told me that they were moved by the stories I related from the Cultural Revolution. I talked about how many people felt regretful and ashamed after the Cultural Revolution. I told them that I was now telling them the true situation of the persecution against Falun Gong so that they could avoid committing the same types of mistakes. The results have been good.

After eliminating a lot of evil factors in other dimensions through sending forth righteous thoughts just a short while ago, we should take this chance to further clarify the truth to the precious Chinese people and bring salvation to the people of the world. Every minute and every second are very important, and I hope that we are all making good use of this time.

Some people who have been deeply poisoned by the Jiang regime's propaganda would start cursing upon seeing our truth-clarification efforts. A North American practitioner wrote the following:

"If you are finished with your swearing, I would like to tell you a story. In Greek mythology, there was a hero by the name of Hercules. One day as he was walking on an uneven road he noticed a bag-like thing that seemed to follow him around. So he kicked it, but the thing just increased in size. Angered, Hercules beat it with a club. The result was that thing grew to be so big that it blocked the whole road. Hercules, defeated, sat down and sighed. At this time a holy man came from the mountain and said, 'Friend, do not touch it. Forget it, and leave it. It's called a bag of hatred. If you do not care about it, it will be as small as it was originally. If you touch it, it will increase in size and block your path. It will be your nemesis.'

"My friends, do not hate, do not swear. We met online among billions of people, isn't this a precious chance? We never had any quarrels; we should have been friends. You do not know me and do not understand me, so why do you swear at me with such hatred? You have not seen the books of Falun Gong, and you have not interacted with those who practice Falun Gong, so why are you repelled by Falun Gong? Where did your revulsion come from? If it was from Chinese propaganda, then think about it, whom are you worried for? And whom are you speaking out for?

"Have you heard about the Cultural Revolution and the June 4th incident [in Tiananmen Square]? Do you know the sorrow of the Chinese? Don't you know about the filth behind all that propaganda? Friend, do you know that, while the dictator has continued to persecute Falun Gong for 3 years, the practitioners still repeat the same 3 statements: 'Falun Dafa is great,' 'Falun Dafa is innocent,' and 'Stop the persecution!' In China people are not allowed to say these things or to put them online. What kind of society is that? If the leader gives a command and everyone has to follow it, isn't this a blind following, otherwise known as a superstition, on its own?

"The path of life is long, but there are only a few important steps that you can take. If you take a wrong path, you can affect a short period or the rest of your life. What if, just as after the Cultural Revolution, you look back years later and see that you have sworn at and hated innocent people because you swallowed the government's propaganda, how would you feel about yourself making that decision? So many people accept the media's propaganda, just like during the Cultural Revolution, and don't realize they are hurting themselves without knowing it. History tends to repeat itself. But those who are caught within it are lost. And they blindly follow and blindly hate. This is the sadness of [our] history. And it's the sorrow of the Chinese people who have had no choice. Friend, do not forget that in your pocket you have forgiveness. Forget hatred, and you'll receive happiness and wisdom.

"Although I don't know you, and you swore at me without knowing me, I still wish you happiness. Please do not allow yourself to be blinded and follow the propaganda. Take some time and find the truth yourself. Use your heart and wisdom to see through the propaganda, and use your conscience to see the world. Because, as the descendants of Yanhuang [Yanhuang was a famous emperor and doctor in Chinese history. Chinese people often regard themselves as the "descendants of Yanhuang."] , I truly wish that you will have a wonderful future."

Note: Zhang Zixin,1930-1975. She was executed by having her throat slit for presenting dissenting opinions during Party Conferences. After the Cultural Revolution, she was exonerated, and the guards at the jail she was detained in tried to cover up their heinous acts through propaganda in the form of songs praising her virtues.