(Clearwisdom.net) I have been clarifying the truth to Chinese people in Mainland China for several months. I would like to share the following experiences with you.

At first, I went into a group chat room. But because I began talking about Falun Gong immediately after I got in, no one paid any attention to me and I ended up talking to myself. Later I found that there were one-on-one chat rooms where you do not have to worry about being kicked out by a room monitor. One could go into more detail and take one's time talking about the truth about Falun Gong. It was a very good place for clarifying the truth. For several months, I went on the web to chat with people every day for a set amount of time, but I could not end the sessions in that fixed amount of time because the people still wanted to keep chatting. The aspirations for the truth of the people in mainland China were beyond my expectations. In order to have time to put my two young kids to bed, I switched my time for bed to 9 pm, after sending forth righteous thoughts. Then I would get up at 11:55 pm to do the midnight sending forth righteous thoughts. Although I slept for less than three hours, I was very clear of what I needed to do. After sending forth righteous thoughts, I would go to the chat room. I could get quite a bit done in two hours of one-on-one discussions with different people.

I remember when I first started to clarify the truth. I often got so tired after one night's work that I would just lay on the floor and fall asleep there. Many demons came to me in my dreams, trying to deceive or harm me. Sometimes in my dreams the police in mainland China were trying to run over me with their cars. I was hit and thrown into the air several times, but I always managed to call Master for help and safely passed my tribulations.

Once my computer just locked up. It would not work no matter how hard I sent forth righteous thoughts. Not familiar with computers, I was in distress. I tried very hard to look inward but found nothing wrong. I told myself clarifying the truth on the web could by no means be wrong. Nothing I said was improper either. To lock up my computer like this was just unacceptable. So I concentrated my mind and sent forth righteous thoughts and thought very hard that I was "denying the arrangement of the old forces." I thought to myself even when I was walking or sleeping, "I want to go back to the chat room. I want to go back to the chat room." The next day when I was on my way to the practice site I felt suddenly that the Master opened up my brain. I had a strange idea, "Didn't somebody mention something about restoring procedures? I might be able to restore the computer to its previous state. Why don't I give it a try?" So I did. Although I was pretty ignorant about computers, and I had never tried to do such a thing before, things went rather smoothly and I could get to the chat room again as usual. I was truly grateful to Master. Indeed, Master only cares about our heart.

Sometime later my computer broke again, and much information was lost. Due to my attachment of being lazy, I thought, "This time it is kind of serious. Why not let my husband do it? He is more familiar with computers. I am a bit tired from clarifying the truth. It is a good opportunity for me to rest a little." Then I had a dream that night where Master pointed out my attachment to being lazy. I felt truly sorry when I woke up. Even though it was only one day, Master did not want me to relax and fall behind. How could I not discipline myself? The next day I called a fellow practitioner who had good computer knowledge and he fixed my computer in a few hours. I then resumed my clarifying the truth in the chat room.

Reflecting on my recent experiences in chat rooms, I found that one-on-one chat rooms are indeed good places to clarify the truth. There are relatively more illusions and distractions there, too, so fellow practitioners must always keep a righteous mind and remember, "one righteous mind can subdue one hundred evils." (Lecture 3 in Zhuan Falun) The above are my lessons learned and I hope they will be beneficial to you as well.